SUCCESS: It’s Internal; Its just a feeling; It’s immaterial.


Picture_Juleve: No amount of materials can ever replace a man’s happiness.

The measure of success is known and understood best by the achiever than the bystanders who await to gauge it by visible tangible material things. While actually success is an internal thing to those who’ve achieved.

Measuring it using tangible items makes success sound like a mirage that none of us will never reach. To me, these measures of success are absolutely insultung success for they’re Infinite. We will never exhaust the materials of this world; niether can we get enough of them. Because we are confused as to what success is, we develop within ourselves jealous; greediness and all things evil. Those are ought to be the branches internally because we living in a lane chasing endless things which are mistaken for a phenomenon which is the total the contrast.

Think of the manufacturer & the end user. We (the end user) are likely to feel successful after a purchase. But some time later, because greed is never safistied, we turn to loose interest in what se once felt as the ultimate ornament of success. We then shift our focus, losing the consistency element within ourselves, on other materials. Mind the advertising technique “New product”. That’s simply because it’s been noted that we’re easily enticed by newly found things. & because we feel the sense of success in ownership we become victimized thence because of the added features on the new product, we find start to dub what se had as “old & not user friendly”.

I am of the belief that, the guy who invented a Yatchet is more actually successful than the end user. Not because he can one as many Yatchets as he wants, nie! But becaause he’s what was was an idea is alive; Because the mission of bringing a concept to live has been accomplished. That’s to say, for a mere fact that each one of us who embarks on a mission and accomplish it is successful. Just by doing that.

I mean if success was really about material things, would we then classify Blue Ivy and many other hiers who are entitled to inheritance of this material from their seniors as Successful? I doubt. That’s why in most cases, the question of ‘what challenges did you overcome as you pursue your journey to success’ always features & its answer actually carries fertile motivation than most of the questions.

Success is a feeling. It’s an internal thing. Such a feeling is too scared that it deserve to be curbed deep within, rather than expressing it the vanity way. That’s why those who try to externally show it, are the most greedy and bragging human-beings ever. These are the same individuals who’d swing car keys & gate remote on their finger for no any other reason of small pockets, but to khotha roff. Some will go as far as thinking kuthi feasting a sushi on naked women is an indicator of success.

This success thing is an internal thing; it’s a feeling. For that reason, feelings of oneself result in unbearable emotional state when bridged. We can cheat & deceive on others and enjoy the feeling; But it’s abnormal to cheat on oneself and enjoy the state. Hence some things regretion.

In conclusion, because success is inmaterial that’s why almost all the material such as vehicle, designer clothes, gadgets etc and many more items that we own get phased out. And when they do we expirience stress. The insurance guy was too smart to ensure that most things that matters as success elements gets insured such that we secure what se fear to loose.

Because success is internal, that’s why life on it’s own is perceived as “the most precious thing”. Therefore, it’s important not to be attached to all these material things that are forever changing!

We own our feelings, therefore we own our success which you may translate it to Happiness if you like.




Photo_Lebronny: “When i thought of something that’ll present to The Sacred Voyage, it came in mind to search for something that makes one close his/her eyes and enjoy the cruise”– ThiznoTazz

Dubbed, by captain ThiznoTazz FS,  “A secret to The Sacred Voyage”, it took me time to come to terms with the reality of the message entailed entailed in this letter. This Voyage got me carried away into space. With it, the emotions and spirits are evoked to the core. It really sways the mind into the wilderness of life. It has been a soundtrack to the seasonal days of floating past this year.

The voyage couldn’t be in active with the captain having to convey a message to the sailors. Here is what captain Tazz had to say:

“…the music that i chose here is what touched my soul (Deeply), and the person who made me fall in love with such melodies is none other than Uni Dgeoff himself. I once asked him of what was/is his Magic, and he just smiled and said: “First you have to enjoy the Music and everything else will come after”. So…here i selected few pieces from Deep Rumba, Jaimie Branch, Wynton Marsails Septet, Tumi Mogorosi and more (wanted to name a few njee).  Talking about what this Voyage means to him, he FS further pointed that, it means more than a lot to me because it connects with me and it is a healing element to my being.

To my life, listening or following such music makes me wanna know explore deeper into this life, not just musically but every piece that contributes to life as a whole. This music relates in such a manner that it keeps me alone at most times, i love such music and in order to be free, i have to be alone and it does describe the person that i am.

Finally, i chose this route (genre) because i fell in love with it, i gave it a chance and the results are satisfying. I also do listen to other genres but there’s THAT one your heart always choose…i think you, the Voyagers, get on this one. As the cruise take off, kindly note that your pilot today is no longer a typical person”.

The waiting period is over. I have been holding unto this cruise tag for the long long enough now. Like Mehmet Murat said: “Sometimes there is no time to wait for the sea to calm down! If you have to reach your target, let your voyage start and let the storm be your path!”, we shall wait no longer for Thizno Cruise has to take it off!

Here is the ticket/message to The Sacred Voyage, there’s no universal interpretation to it, just let it be. Cheers, enjoy your voyage:

Every Sunset. Different Story


Photo_Lebronny: It’s okay to be different.

Every Sunset is unique. Each and every Sunset has it’s story. Both personally & generally. Some are shadey, some are brighter, some are gold, some are dusty etc., but they all present themselves their original way. Hence they’re so beautiful. They all serve their daily purpose.

Each of them tells a story to the world at large. A different story with every dawn and dusk allocated in a day. Their are unequal in their powers, yet that doesn’t alter each one of them to render their presentation. Some are hotter than the other while some are brighter than the other and some are longer than the other. But their status doesn’t prohibit others to appear and present itself.

They tell their own story at the world gotta adapt to it. They are always relevant. They know when you rise, when and where to sad; when should their hottest brother appear or when is it relevant for the shortest sister. They know their community too. I mean, when the sun rise, some species sleep and sunflowers shine to life.

Like each and every dawn & dusk, why can’t we not try to outshine each other. Like each sunset, every human-being has a unique presentation to render. Can’t such a presentation get articulated without judgements? In as much as the outcomes of each day differs from human-to-human, why can’t we as well allow every person to be themselves, it’s okay. We are different.

Can’t we learn from the Sunset and be at peace with the fact that sometimes it’s not the time to emerge. Actually, now us the moment to delegate my brother for such a length; or perhaps a sister of mine for such a shotter presentation.?! That way, like a sun, we’ll always be relevant and the world shall pay attention.

Why do we flipping race to dominate one another while we can get our allocated chance to express ourselves?! Are such conduct among the human kingdom that illuminates the level of brightness within fellow brothers and sisters; never shall we be as bright as the star; never shall we be soo golden; if we continue to compare one to the other. By comparing we are surprising light in one another, thus darkness of misery reigns upon us!

We are blown by the storm, that’s to say abducted by the status quo simply because we are not as firm and relevant as the sun. Instead, we strive to be relevant at a very wrong season.

Well, it’s a given fact that seasons varies. Some are colder, hotter, windy and all those other conditions, but the doesn’t giveup on presenting itself. It always emerges and in a different version. You know why? Because, the sun is resistant and most of all it endures the condition. Why can’t we learn endurance; why can’t we persist with every dawn and dusk like the hopeful sun?!

Do we lack self believe, unlike the sun, that it shall never cease to present itself no matter the condition?! Are we skeptical to believe tha we can endure, cherish and handle each condition that we wake-up to?

My woman, named DSLR, said to me: “papa, if you wanna see the beauty of life don’t fabricate it. Don’t fake it. Don’t fake it. Allow it to be as raw & unedited!” And i listened, and understood with no regrets.

I am Lebron, and i believe🌍

Background track Bra Hugh Masekela- Stimela (original version).

Make Your Contribution!


Photo_Lebronny: The environment contribute fairly to human life, and to some further extend, human-beings as part of animals, are dependent upon the ecological contribution made into their being by the bio-environment.

Ultimately people are keen to making a mark along the lifeline; Many are reluctant to making a contribution as they slide along the lines of life. Life is a give-and-take cycle, what is our role in towards the transaction? Let’s find out the importance of Contributing perhaps we can be active instead of passive role players in this give-and-take game.

“Make Your Contribution”, writes Moffat Sebola.

Ours is a generation threatened by a slow, sure and cruel death of great minds. Ours is a generation that cheers for the termination and extinction of great ideas. We are a generation that is obsessed with political correctness than the truth. We build our identity on the opinions of others. These others who certainly have no idea who they are themselves. We live on a diet of stale ideologies that have long lost their relevance and significance. We clap jubilantly when our leaders repeatedly read to us speeches they have been reading for decades. We have lived for decades on decayed diets of unmet promises and expectations. Ours is a disillusioned generation. It is a generation where our sages, mentors and heroes throw morsels of wisdom at us only when they are drunk and high. Ours is a generation whose thinking tanks are empty. We let others do the thinking for us, making us believe that we have nothing worthwhile to say. We are buried with our books unopened, our ideas unheard and untested, our songs unsung, our poems un-recited, our voices and opinions censored by the fear of mockery and rejection.

Ours is a generation suffering from the devastating poverty of leadership.  Our leaders follow us. Ours is a generation that is best at insulting one another rather than engaging in intellectually stimulating debates with each other. Ours is a generation whose music is silenced by gunshots and bombs. Ours is a generation whose brains are drained by drugs. This is a generation that celebrates certification than education. This is a generation that has long lost the desire to seek and maintain the authenticity of their identity. This is a generation that enjoys accumulating liabilities than building trans-generational legacies. Our generation refuses to tread the unchartered paths. This is a generation whose minds are chained by inferiority complexities and self-doubt. This is a generation that fears to invent and innovate. This is a generation that is always busy but never productive. We live in a time where the cemeteries are the busiest places. Our prisons outnumber our schools. We have more liquor stores than libraries. We have more guns and bullets than books and pens. We have more funerals than weddings. Only a handful live in palaces while the majority are gathered around each other like flies on a heap of dung. The majority sweats blood in mines and earn peanuts. When they finally cough out tuberculosis or asthma, they are sent home to die, with no remuneration or retirement fund. It is our mineworkers who dig for the gold they will never hold. It is their piks and shovels which dig into the rocky ground like fleas, drilling the bloodless skin of a mangy dog.

It is in this generation, in this time, that you and I can make a meaningful contribution. It is here where you can play your heart out. You can play your music long after the audience has stopped dancing. You can still teach your subject even when the students are indifferent. When the publisher dumps your manuscript into the dustbin, you still go back and write another one. Even when they refuse to give you the microphone, you still sing your song. Even if they take you away from the pulpit, you still keep the sermon. When they have no room for your art, keep your heart in your art. When they shred your poems into shameful pieces, keep the muscles of your imagination flexed.

My dear friend, the whole point of me rambling from the beginning until now has been to let you know that you are a unique being. We are privileged to have you in our generation. We wish you could unleash what you carry before you bow out of the stage. I genuinely don’t believe that any of us is in this world to merely inhale oxygen and exhale C02. I believe each one of us, as unique as we are, we each have a unique and meaningful contribution to make in our lifetime. In whatever sphere of giftedness and operation, be it politics, entertainment, arts, economy, education, religion, etc., we are the right people to cause meaningful transformation. So, let us distribute our passion into whatever we set your heart and mind on. Wherever we see the need, we take the lead. Wherever we see the problem, we provide or seek the solution. Associate yourself with the people who will do their best to call out the best out of you. Whatever you do, give it your best. Live your best! Go on, be great and do great!

Fermented Dreams


Photo_Lebronny: Just like mellow water of life, Legends are fermented, i believe.

Dreams can seem to be delayed for those who grind ofcourse. Otherwise they’re indeed delayed  to those of us who procrastinate on them. They are sure suspended to those who have inhabitance driven doubts in their dreams.

If it wasn’t for impatience that we have, our dreams would, in their deep capacity, scare us. We’d be boosting our dreams if we become ourselves and allow them to be. We’d know where to rightfully invest in the fertile interests of the self if we weren’t holding ourselves hostage by changing with every event of our life. The 08h00-16h00 would be our routine until age 65. We’d be at liberty for we have allowed our dreams to manifest in us the natural way. But the stigma of 65 continues to be the case because we hinder the process to which our hidden potential; our invisible dreams were meant to be channeled via.

I am of the belief that dreams are fermenting instead getting delayed. Otherwise, they can as well be pre-mature when & if acted on through the application of cutting corners. The fermenting process goes hand-in-glove with patience and consistent burning passion. I compare such dreams to what my friend calls “premium usquebaugh”.

Fermented dreams never get to drop in value. They’re not a depreciating commodity. Such dreams bare constructive lessons with them instead of disruptive blames. They’re classic let alone consistent. In an unlikely situation dominated by impulsive acts instead of patience, the catalysed actions of the pre-mature dreams might turn out ugly thence impacting most of the life aspects. Reasons behind the contrary line is simple- because they took time and conditioning period stored patiently in a cask. They were never rushed for no stupid reason of commission. Remeber to avoid quick cash, as it may be dirty- Shabir Shaike kinder shandis.

Let’s learn to have faith and patience in our dreams. Let’s not become impatience over things tha are beyond our control. For they might lead us into acting irrationally and rapidly just to fulfil the adopted desire. Let us give our dreams time, so that they can be sustainable and appreciating as they continue to be premium valuable commodity as they mature into existence.

Through conceptualizing our world, we are permitting our dreams to be. We allow our potential time to ensue as we do not behave like kites in this countless season (situations) of life. Our dreams will patiently take their smooth path without having cutting corners.

Let’s not shelve our dreams let’s allow the lessons to inspire our dreams insteas of redirecting the whole dream. I want to believe that if we’ve profoundly conceived an idea, then there’s no moving object that would hinder with the practicality of such a mindset.

The setbacks are temporary, but thier lessons entailed therein are a lifetime deal. It’s freedom to one being. With fermenting our dreams will obviously comes the challenge to the courier, of the dream, which is the barrel. The internal volume of the ‘water life’ will not be prohibited from manifesting.

Yes they will sometimes seem ti be stagnant and hopeless, only to find that its a test meant to remind the dream about certain ingredient which adds to the dream’s sustain consistent originality.

Good luck with your exams/projects/applications/businesses/practice etc. Unga pheli umoya, the route is long yet worth it.



The orchestrated slavery paradigm.


Photo_ Lebronny: Each sunset comes with different tales, however, one of these rare days, the sun shall fall in the same spot where it set in the past. That’s to say, history shall repeat itself. It’s therefore important to never be reluctant & move to  have a different view of the sunset instead.

This blunt over here be whispering to me if i knew that slavery was orchestrated. I chose to keep calm, listen and it made sense.

The slavemaster didn’t just engage in a temporal activity, which had no guarantee of the future in any sense. He might’ve been so stupid to act on an unplanned mission which will be of longer term benefit. It’s for the latter reason that he is dubbed by most as a wise man. The planning of this slavery ensured that the great grand children benefit from this masterplan. Though many of us are post- feasible slavery, i bet we remain slave in a different paradigm as per the master plan.

Upon it’s inception, the slavery shandis erupted like a fierce volcano. However, the master understood that in order to conquer one gotta change formulae as the rival might endup knowing the tricks of the initial pattern and thus prohibit it’s mission. The master didn’t neglect the fact that at some point the physical slavery process will become stale and it might be detrimental to him if he had no plan B, C, D…etc. He then didn’t keep his eyes off the drawing board, unlike most of the post slaved generation does in many a lot of routines in this life.

To touch base on it, a young black man will long for material things without really focusing on the drawing board to expand the mission of source generating. That’s why demand is always greater than supply among most blacks. We demand more than we can supply the means of envy satisfaction!

Back to the main nectar, the slavemaster made it a point that his mission not only sustain him as the primary insulator, but the great grand offspring. Wait, the manner in which the mission was orchestrated, got me wanting to believe that some ancient generation of the slavemaster invested in the plannery step of the mission. They then passed the plan to the proceeding generation to action on it. This plan is mighty, it’s sure not an overnight plan.

The plan is corrosive unidirectionally; Physically, Socially, Religiously, Personally and most of all Psychologically. I mean it requires no rocket science brain to applaud such a groundbreaking plan that gets a man into looking down on himself by manipulating and luring him out of his culture, originality, ideology and generally his belief. How is it not an excellent plan if it twists a man to praise an alien color, culture, and originality?! Dammit.

The joint brought the following steps of slavery to my attention:

1. Physical Slavery.
Here, the master planned and to some point achived in using the man of a “lesser God” to erect the infrastructure which will be of his (master) benefit into fertilizing the wealth and make things easy for the great grand generation to benefit and continue to generate source out of what the slaves, through the mandate of the master, brought to it’s stand. Yeah we know a few buildings/cities which were bare-handly built. Remember that the master was too focused, he then figured the ways of catalyzing the process of developments. He invented some technological mechains from what & how the slave made means of getting the work done. Think of a train, forklift, rock buster and their history to mention but a few. This lead to step two of slavery;

2. Disguised Slavery
In light with above notion, the slave master built, through slaves’ sweats, cities & mechains which he had planned that his great grand children will smartly continue to generate the wealth. As the slave turn to complain about the hardship of physical slavery, the slavemaster clamly negotiate with the slave & promise to give him a more lighter job and this time on condition that the slave is entitled to compensation. Ok well, the slavemaster deploys the slave to city/building which was initially built at the cost of the slaves effort or life even, to work there but can’t live in it. It was part of the plan thata slave gotta pay transport fare in that the compensation is curbed within a vicious circle. The sophisticated slave serves the master in the building that was erected through Physical slavery and he’s now taught to operate machines that was developed (copied) out of the ancient slave’s duties.

The slavemaster instilled the mentality of focus into the great grand children. They remain focused. Understanding that the slave will then contest and question the location difference, the slave developed a Kasi for the slaves, gave the slave electricity and water…then tarroad. It was part of the plan to overcrowd the slaves in one vicinity so that they start fighting among themselves (partially explained in the next stage). Someone is stabbed almost everyday in Soweto huh!

3. Psychological Slavery.

“When you control a man’s thinking, you need not worry about his actions”- Dr Woodson. It starts on an individual basis, and because it waste no time to manifest, it spreads from an intra- into an interpersonal level thus becomes contagious & and grow into being lethal than it’s physical version.

The slavemaster, through the media, continue to set agenda among the advanced slaves’ mentality. The slave nowadays wanna talk, walk, eat, live and have hair/eyebrows like that of a slavemaster. But the stupid slave is missing the important formula. The formula of eradicating the idea of demand greater than supply. The bloody slave wants to be a consumer of expensive yet nonsensical commodities. He will then oppress his own, because the Agenda Setting theory had him thinking that he’s better drinking the expensive Corona than the Black Label; that he’s better talking like a colonial master than his fellow man who is suffering from the accent.
Ooh the plan was to control his thinking enough that he thinks success is Levi Strauss, little did he know that Strauss & Jobs’ great grand children are reluctantly milking the hell out of his hard earned money which he’s fooled to be working easy for. Shit, the damn slave is longing for pension/retirement funds at 55/60 years. Yerrrrrrrrr!
Proactively, the slavemaster kept his eyes on the board. He understood that soon the slave will contest/afford coming into his quiet clean burbs neighbourhood, which is true. He then went on establishing some expensive plots away from the concrete jungle. Think of beach house, the very dam which was built by the ancient slave, is turned into a private ass whopping estate. His plan is to live the advanced slaves in a battlefield as he enjoy his undisturbed benefits of his forefathers’ masterplan.
The slavemaster’s plan is way too powerful. He understood that soon the slave will be interested in engaging in the business of generating chucks of money. The very buildings/ mechains which were built by the eroded slave are available for the advanced slave, unfortunately not to own entirely but for hire. Think of The Molman buildings, John Deree mechains. Though one can buy them, i still believe that there’s a certain portion of monthly/service rate going to the great grand children of the slavemaster.
Moreover, the masterplan ensured that, with the understanding that the slave will be interested in reading books, that the junior advanced slave & that of master are not on the same level although they hold equal qualifications/requirements.

3. The Unknown Plan
The slaves believe to be free, but shit they lose focus because they don’t learn. Should they’ve learned from their master, there wouldn’t be factions among themselves. There wouldn’t be political vendettas, tender fights, prisons overcrowded by the advanced slaves. There wouldn’t be so much hate of their own, if only they learned as they served the slave. But psssst we continue to see Boko Haram and the escalating death row.

The unknown slavery step, is that he’s not reluctant wherever he is. He’s revisting and coating the plan. Hello Donal Trump. Keep hating each other over ownership of material silly things, produced but not partially consumed by the slavemaster’s generation, and kiss your “freedom” goodbye. Yeah keep voting too, the Slavery shall remain continuous.

Over and above all, slavery is an ongoing activity & the plan is getting sharper on the other unthought edge of the sword. Chances are, should we remain reluctant, we shall find ourselves on the other side of the sword and we’ll suffer the outcomes of the sharp point as history repeats itself.

Be reminded of the “Berlin Conference” and acknowledge this masterplan.

THE SACRED VOYAGE: Lano Ri Cha Rd Cruise


Photo_Lebronny: “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated”- Confucius.

Life is always nice from different viewpoints, otherwise having one view time and time makes life dull and less interesting. In this cruise, our captain came with recommendation of a totally different yet pertinent route to the whole voyage idea. We are diverting a bit from the the winter emotions evoked by the latter captains who ferried us fairly to this platform, living us in the hands of a modernized pilot. This voyage is filled with hardcore emotions, way too personal and attention to detail it what’s required for one to relate.

Though he insisted that the story is clearer narrated tunefully than verbally, we managed to get him to utter a few personal lines to substantiate his voyage:

Our life is functional on a  time-frame. Unless otherwise, we don’t just wake up to sail on a journey without thoughts of considerations. From a young age, we were taught of the importance of preparations. Such is to avoid doing things for the sake of accomplishment, but rather we find reason in doing what we’ve well thought of, and therefore more reasons will transpire in the end result of what we are engaging in. It emerge as a direct or indirect lesson either way.

In light with the above notion, Lano believes that no one can just wake-up to acting on a decision of compiling a presentation (recording a mixtape). I believe that every recorded tape/presentation is based on true inner stories. There has been serious listening and communication between the person in me with the melodies which are entailed in this 57:13 voyage. Such melodies are mostly played behind closed doors when individuals who indulge in the senses of introspection. This music is my best friend; it is the most relevant thing ever available in times of need. Be it happy, bitter, sour or sweeter moments, this melodies are readily there as an companion and never a single day have i found myself being betrayed by this music. Like Lebron would say and i attest, this music is indeed sacred. Music has been part of me to such an extend that i want to believe that i was born with music. Yes born. I cried and that was sound to me, that was music to my parents’ ears and dammit they rejoiced for my music hahahahahah. I have found more of life in this music and that’s why my heart have beats 24/7. So, yeah man we are born with music, it’s only up to us to get extract meaning out of our kind of music in relation with our lifeline. My words can be limited, but through my music there is no limitations to my personal stories.

As you jump into this modern yacht brace yourself for some hop to the hip waves as we sail together. Also remember that: whoever want music instead of noise; joy instead of pleasure; Soul instead of gold; Creative instead of business; Passion instead of foolery, finds home in this trivial world of our. Blunts are on the house, let’s cruise”.

From Lebronnyconcepts, we say lighten up and cruise with us. Nod your head, tap your sole…shake your hips and shoulders but most of all let this voyage come with a lesson to your life. Below is your cruise tag, do enjoy the trip with captain Lano, cheers: