Be patient and Shut-up.

As people we live to learn and learn to live on daily basis. To my amazement i fail to understand why people are impatient over situations that they have no control over. E.g. being impatient on traffic jam

Human beings who are career motivated are expected to be patient for their future. It is patience that results in one’s passion to become what they anticipate it to be. If you have a dream, be it long or short termed dream, to accomplish the patience root has to be watered in one’s soul.

If you believe in what you want to achieve and you are really passionate about it, there is no need to make noise about it. Smart folks are, in most cases, covert about their missions until the success of that particular mission.

It is ideal to share a bit of info with few people, but lying low about the missions that you are still embarking on will help you as an individual to avoid disappointment and judgments from the crowed that you’d have preached to. It is the masses that we open up to, while the mission is still underway, that discourage us and as a result we end-up giving up on pursuing our dreams due to the impatient that would have developed.

Do things that are aimed at impressing and benefiting you as an individual instead of doing things just to show off to the masses that are not even paying attention.

in a nut-shell, as people we should learn to quietly be patient about life and the goals we want to score out of life itself.


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