Make It Happen

People turn to take too much time dreaming and planning, to such an extend that they implement new dreams without taking action on the preceding dreams.Yes, it is all good to have dreams and plans, but the bigger question is ” are we working on our dreams to make them come true or do they vanish in dreamland?”.

We need to balance the equation of life. Lets not overload ourselves with dreams that we will fail to act upon.Thoughts without affirmative action are as good as mind at rest. Lets dream and work on those particular dreams, lets the internal dreams be visible in form of taking action. Lets make positive strides and make things happen.

Its high time we realize that engaging to our dreams might bring a not only a sharp but also a beneficial curve into our lives. So why be scared to take risks on the mission that is long planned?? Wake up and make things happen, move forth to make ends meet and nuture your dreams!!! Look in that mirror and tell the persona that “Its about damn time”!…..make it happen.


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