Month: June 2015

Against All Odds


Keep moving,keep pushing towards your ambition against all odds that may pop-up along the route to act as buffers.

The life journey has never and there is no sign thus far of this journey turning into A..B..C format. With that being said, let’s not be misled by the saying “take everyday as it comes” but let’s change that into “let the day take you as you come”.

Life is a journey and we are the traveler, which means it is up to us to determine the touring plan. There certainly will be the ups and downs in this journey. The obstacle are not bound to discourage us, but depending on how we welcome and interpret them, it’s then that they determine how far we can travel.


Self Empowerment


Its amazing how plants survive. They need to be nurtured for from their early age in order for them to grow strong steams that will sustain them against all odds.

Just like plants, human-beings need to be nurtured; i call it “Self Empowering process”. This is the state in life where it is required of a person to associate them with things that will contribute to the self empowerment.

Though many people turn a blind eye on it, but it is really important to know and understand our weaknesses. Empowering comes with knowing where the self lacks. People need to accept their flaws in order to have a future plan for self-empowerment.

Let our daily routine inspire us with actions as well as knowledge/experiences that will help us be survival of the fittest in future. It is in our own will that we see to it that we have the capacity to plan ahead of the present moment in order sustain tomorrow as we ought to face it.

Lets take the nature and make it our inspiration, i mean real nature that has to survive four different seasons which are not a walk in the park for them! For us, it may feel like a walk in the park when we are able to survive this day, but trust me it won’t be an easy ride to face tomorrow without having planned for it.

Let’s empower the self,just like guidance, empowerment may come from different people and situations….so lets be HUMBLE>LEARN>EMPOWER!