Month: July 2015


Seasons come, seasons goes. Through it all- Planets are ought to blossom then produce.

Seasons come, seasons goes. Through it all-
Planets are ought to blossom then produce.

At one stage, plants are as dry as a desert. But they still stand strong throughout their dry seasons. I found this very motivating, in that obstacles are part of life but fact is they don’t last long. We often don’t see the beauty of the shrubberies during their wry period, but because of their persistence and patience, florae bombshells us while at the same time they are nourishing us with their juicy fruits of afterlife.

lebronSometimes we look at them as though they are dead, but the wonders that will come as the end product of the planets are a good sign of hope.

In life, we all start somewhere; one way or the other, there will be a dry times in our lives, but that doesn’t mean it’s a dead-end of life. Life is seasonal, what we all need is to develop patience and hope, and nurse them with deeds of prosperity.

Of course, there will be a time where we feel dry and hopeless about life and think of pulling the plug. But as we encounter the hardships, we need to bear in mind that for finish lines to exist is because there are starting lines behind them.  The hardships are a test in life and I personally conceive that everybody has the potential to pass the test, provided we all develop patience and hope of blossoming just like trees.

Lets impersonate plants that survive the seasonal conversions, let them inspire and shape us into beings with hope to life, we shall then be the bearers of our own fruits in future.


When Life takes its “U-Turns”

Nobody want to be your shoes until you on smooth walking zone!

Nobody wants to be in your shoes until you’re  on that smooth-walking zone!

We are all subjected to change,be it good or bad but we ought to change! Now,when change take it’s course in a positive direction,some people would wish that they were in those shoes,yet nobody can accept in the very same shoes if the life patterns where to be reversed!
Usually,people don’t really consider the rough-steps undergone by the “shoes of success”.Sometimes,if not always, it is not expected of life to take certain phases nor predictable towards particular directions. But it just comes with nature nje.
Change- it comes with it’s phobias. I mean you never know what’s on the other-side of life’s U-turn point,yet its not in our authority to withhold or catalize the process of CHANGE.
When life takes a U-turn,I believe that it is the time in life where as an individual you gotta do some introspection. Introspection,Yes! Because unless we getting matured in life,life’s U-turn is just a mystery. Self-examine come to play in a sense that “How matured am I?, and am I ready to adapt a live in the other side of life or am I scared of the alterations??”
Well,taking action or sitting back,life’s U-turn comes naturally,so it’s up to us to buckle-up so that we can hold on to life when change unfolds, and those are the explorer of life-people who are not of this BEAST and it’s U-turns; or let life throw you through its abandoning window, and that’s only for the cowards who expects life to remain steady!! Who are you? Are you ready to take U-turn with life??… Lebronny