Sonke siyenza ama mistakes. Our bloopers are not meant to hold us back, but meant to prepare us.

As people we unintentionally blunder more often. But what do the mistakes really mean? Mistakes are in fact lessons in hand. As active being we cannot control the act of aberration. Its undeniable that once it occurs its unchangeable, we gotta live by it.

Making peace with the fact that we have wronged is the act of improving our living habit. We should not maneuver in search of reasons to justify ama phutha wethu; neither should we search for someone to blame-ACCEPT, IMPROVE AND MOVE ON.

Making peace with our mistakes will not only liberate us from self oppression, but will be an eye opener of the choices towards preparing for the future. Learning is one of the optional choices that come with mistakes- STOP REGRETTING! Pickup your life puzzle and make a move.

Mistakes are a sign of life until they are accepted, otherwise they resemble a state of unacceptably and non-existence.  Yes there will be those few individuals who will make you feel that you have wronged, the danger part of them is that: They, if opened up to, can make you live with your wrongs instead of the strategies to rectifying those misdeeds. There are of course those people who are the mistake spotters.-MISTAKES ARE OT ETERNAL UNTIL ATTENDED TO.

This mistakes that we had and about to do, are temporary state of life. Their situations are dependent on us. Lets stop anguishing and be proactive; tackle the damn mistakes by accepting and LEARNING.



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