Month: January 2016

Account for your life

My life; my journey. There is a point in life where we point fingers at our counterparts, where we find way to shit blame and where we best justify our misconducts misfortunes.

It’s indeed normal to engage in such. But the naked truth of life is that our lives are dependent on us as individuals and us alone.

Our mothers’,Fathers,  Sisters,Brothers and/or any other related people’s mistakes are not our mistakes! Our backgrounds are not our mistakes; neither are they our success! We found them shaped, despite the situation our backgrounds should serve as our motivation.

We can hold other people accountable because of their mistake. We cannot sit back and not move forth because of other people’s mistakes. NO! Instead we gotta take charge,we gotta be the sheriff of our own city-The self.

The biggest mistake in everyone’s life is our own LIFE. Yes am my own mistake and you are your own mistake. No matter the circumstances,we should account to our very own life. We are infact the mistakes we suppose to correct. As an on going process,life requires us to correct ourselves as we live. That’s the correction of our mistakes. We are our own correctional service.

Being steady is resisting to take charge. We are not progressing because we busy blaming others for their mistakes and how they affect us. We are sitted pointing fingers instead of fixing our very own mistake -Our lives.

Let’s account; let’s accept and be at peace with our situations. Lets develop the mindset of building our own legacy, lets avoid blaming others. Lets avoid self-pity and rectify us!

-IamLebronny and I believe in life with its beauty and its ugliness. Bless!