When situations seem futile, focus and remain persistent until you shine light unto them.

From one dimension, life may be perceived a barren, but from a spectrum of flexible approaches, there is always a ray to shine through. Its the kind of approach, this include to patiently set and act upon alternative angles towards life, that can change the cycle culture of life.

From the conception of it, the situation may distantly look dimmed until such time that one decides to closely approach the subject put before them. I believe that there is light at the end of every situation. One needs to pull their focus instead of giving up the situation. As people, we should avoid judging the situations at face value.

It is from the above picture that i learned that we need to patiently be attentive to a situation for it to materialize as we would like it to. It took umpteen shots to capture the sunlight that at first, seemed impossible to catch- but it is through PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE that i managed to find the beautiful sun-rays lighting through.

The lesson therein, was that we need to keep trying, for unlike surrendering, we are losing nothing in our endeavors but gain and enhance our experience on how to approach matters.



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