Some years back we couldn’t differentiate between “were” and “where”; “these” and “this”, but because we were relentless instead of underestimating ourselves, here we are. Presently, there are somethings that we don’t know but we are not reluctant on ensuring that we wake-up the following day knowing and understanding something new. It’s not a matter of our demographics but a matter of optimism and determination that results in whatever outcomes. It’s not the means but the end product that gets serious recognition. It all lies within oneself and associating with people that will add value to the person that you are. Like a saying “blaming others is giving up the power to change”, there is a lesson in every given moment. It’s worth priding of when it’s of self-empowerment acts instead of posing blames. Believe in you, motivate you and do you.

Each of us has the potential and ability to can do it. Of all the drivers in our roads, there was once a time where the paddles and the leaver-gear were not as easy to work with.They were not born drivers. But because of WILL-POWER, the fascination of the activity led to serious determination that resulted in the perfect drivers that we have now.

We committed a whole lot of mistakes when we were first taught how to hold and use the pencil. But because there were people who believed in us, we are producing better handwriting today. It is the believe vested in us that fuel us with courage to face head-on the most frightening situations in life.

Everything starts somewhere and not all the resources are going to be readily available for us to use; but because of our positive attitude we can move from one point, despite the absence of some resources, to another point.  


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