Relax; Take it easy.


In life there are people to whom we look up to. To who we allude from in shaping our lives. These are individuals who in/directly, because of their current situations, embolden us into crafting our destined goals.

Yes, it’s a good thing to be inspired. But it’s totally delicate to pressurize oneself because of misinterpreting mentor’s formula that resulted in their current situation. Hence the importance of history in life.  If as a people we initially understand the person’s historical framework, where are they coming from- where are they heading to- how did they get to point X,  we shall then affably operate without unnecessary strains. Acknowledge your mentor journey rather than just their ultimate commodity.

Don’t relay with your mentor’s techniques of  procuring. Instead, observe, learn and capture the essential part of everything.  However, don’t blur the focus. Utilize the acquired lessons in your favor to enhance your life. Blend the little lessons with your life and work on bettering yourself. Never intend to be your mentor. Do you; be you; allow external inspiration uplift you at your own pace; mimic but don’t work on being your mentor.

We turn a blind eye on footprints as people, we shift our focus beyond the trails rather than the journey itself. We praise too much of the blossoms and turn a blind eye on the “HOW” of it. We need to meticulously take into consideration the HOW part- that’s were there is real motivation/inspiration that may incline well with our current life situations. It might be of astonishing result to know that our mentors were not thinking about what they have now, when they were at our level as their mentees. We are even privileged to have the confident mindset as a result of their existence. Chances are, they might’ve been ordinary people with ordinary ideas or even worse when they were at our age. Some of their accolades were never part of their contemplative.

Let’s not miss a point of inspiration. The latter can pressurize us to an extend that we aim at entirely mimicking our mentors, who were once normal young individuals, in their current state. Don’t try to be Will Smith in your 18 years zone, Relax. Let’s learn from all those who inspire us but never try to be them. There was only one Mandela, Mohammed Ali and there is only one you. Chances are our tutors were once ordinary beings, until a certain time where they found reflection that sharpened their thinking. So nathi we are at the ordinary level manje, identifying a mentor is one positive move. There’s time where we will start thinking ordinarily provided our relations with the mentors.

You time will come; in the meantime just acquire motivation and courage, and try to enact on the lessons learnt. Take it easy on yourself though; don’t strain yourself. It will only be possible if you acknowledge that you’re yet to get there and never compare your now situation with your mentor situation.



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