Life is how you define it; there is no universal definition to the unlimited life styles- Lebronny

I learned about two types of persons: A minimalist and Clusterist.
Minimalist- Someone who has the needs and enjoys life.
Clusterist- Someone who has and is accumulating themselves with WANTS which in return makes life difficult.
In essence, a MINIMALIST is someone contrary to popular belief of life’s viewpoint. This is someone different to the trend driven followers. These are rare individuals whom are audacious enough to go left when the masses are heading right.

The fascinating part of their story-Minimalists, is that they are in the zone of affording the wants and/or are equally privileged as Clusterists to in-debit themselves in acquiring all the wants. But they are not tossing the cards because the casino is open…interesting species i must say. They are usually covert introverts unlike the contrary.

Because of following the already traveled tracks-Trend; Clusterists turn to forget their origins, they end-up succumbing  to the life that place their heads between a rock and a hard surface. These group of people are living according to a systemized routine of the society; Life can be whopping difficult for this individual in a blink of an eye. The thought of waking up from the hours where owning two cellphones being headlines into the days where owning 10 cellphones might be detrimental to one’s health conditions. Otherwise a minimalist might go without noticing that and remain in shape.

Life is difficult until one figures the true self, just as Joan Mills stipulated: “I’ve gone through life believing in the strength and competence of others; never in my own. Now, dazzled, i discover that my capacities are real. It’s like finding the lining of an old coat”.


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