Pander yourself and the rest shall adapt!

Have you ever taken a moment before you engage in an activity to introspect; “Am i really up for this? Is’t me doing this or am i pressured to do this? Are my personal morals and instincts endorse the act?

Well, with the mistakes that we as a people commit, i came to realize after some typical analysis over a joint of course, that we spend most of our time engaging in acts that the self don’t need to. But because we are governed by “How will the next person perceive me”stigma it’s somewhat a natural obligation to act. Funny enough, we are scared of people who are also scared of how we gonna perceive them; or they don’t even notice us at all- What a waste of precious time.

We miss lot of unforeseen opportunities which we have the potential and abilities to acquire simply because of “The next person”. We spend a hell lot of time masquerading our lifestyle because Bae and Achuz (Girl/boyfriend and friends) gotta be happy. We tryna be perfect before someone else’s face, which according to me is never accomplished, but we are so imperfect to the self and are thence self-deceived. We put so much effort in trying to be accepted for what we are not.

Can you imagine a lifestyle where you invest effort in yourself as a primary project on this planet, and are thus accepted for your frank acts? A lifestyle where you don’t need to prove a point in order for you to belong to a certain affiliation? I am of the believe that people get attracted to those who appreciate themselves and are not as keen to change a habit because of the next encounter. In his words, Ralph Waldo Emerson, substantiates that “It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself”. We will remain democratic slaves of friendship if we have the chameleon tendencies. It’s always great to have things adapting to us because we are us not for the mummery reasons.

If you are deceived by the mirage on the road, we might take U-turns and cut our mission short. Sometimes we don’t attain to our outright journey targets because we strive to succumb to luring acts of one another. It is a pertinent fact to this life that we be rejected or accepted for our authenticity.

Nxolo a hambe lo uAchuz noma uBae if she disapprove of my morals, values and principles governing oneself as a project; Otherwise we might die running other people’s errands as a way of acceptance while our own are towering!


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