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Photo: Lebronny. It’s never a smooth route to travel but the ultimate point is worth the travel.   “Prosperity is the great teacher; adversity is greater”-William Hazlitt

Human inequality is a reality in this universe and it is no sin at all that we are not born on the same wavelength nor with sliver-spoons in our mouth!

“Started from the bottom now we here…”

Shout-out to all the guys and ladies who were surreptitious and were never seen as prospect what what. Those who were hardly recognized in class, most from the rural schools, are the one’s who pushed hard into the corporate benefits through their hard work instead of papa’s connection into nepotizing the system.

Continue to give love to that former intimidating model C classmates who used to laugh and sometimes undermine your Engrish, English I mean, irrespective of them living off mommy/daddy’s trust funds after astonishingly  “breaking down” dismally and were ruled out.  But use those individuals as examples of your infants’ upbringing! Discipline will concisely explain it better. Just don’t groom such kids; learn from God and shape them through your image, because you’re the precise version to this life and it’s challenges.

You basically stood your ground and you’re a true example of “Against All odds”. You continued going to that lecture hall with the same dress code and your focus was never swayed by those snobs who’d rock all sorts of earliest trends. You didn’t miss class because you had no new trending attire. You always remembered and considered the motivating situation ya se khaya! You have been “Knowing the origins”. You, my dear brother/sister are a champ of note! Don’t brag about it though, nor noise about it. Sit down and congratulate yourself! Pride yourself just don’t make it vanity.

Look around you; you’re possibly one influential member of the round table team! What if the next bigger posts is your? You’re so much a possibility. You are the hope not only to your fellow men in the bundus, but to the hopeless world at large!

You might’ve been discouraged by those subversion teachers, during your primary and high school term, who were blinded that you can still make a survival out of school. Not having tertiary degree/diploma or any other qualification didn’t define your destination, you went on to identify your field of interest. Look at you now my dear sister/brother, you’re doing a good job in the SANDF; the very same teachers are never short of fuel, unless in their tanks because it’s not yet the 22nd, because you ensured a safe driving to with high risk tanker to fill-up the garage’s tanks- brother you’re appreciated for your good work. You made it a point that you acquire necessary means of survival through an alternative channel – you are doing well, keep it up.

Your adamant journey towards your passion is noted and serves an inspiration to those who get to listen to your story rather than just praising your success!

Although i am shying away from the role model to many, just be mindful of the name Oprah Winfrey as you glance the list.

Here are few icons that traveled what might somewhat be the same route as you:

NB: All photos are credited to Google.



Starbucks’ Chairman and CEO, Howard Schultz.

It’s, without shame, stated that the upbringing of this multi-billionaire who is sitting on an estimated net worth of US$ 2.9 billion was never golden. This gentleman might’ve endured darker situations than some of us. I mean the fact that he grew up in the housing complex for the poor, alone speaks volumes.

Keep your head up, you can do it too my brother/sister.



The legendary Kalawa Jazmee Records Co-founder and MetroFM DJ, Oscar Bonginkosi Mdlongwa known as Oskido.

It doesn’t matter if you’re from the Bundus or what, you can still conquer you craft in the very township of young people who mostly thinks that they’re the smartest in the world, lol. It was never a walk in the park for the man who is known for not missing an opportunity in a potential upcoming artist. His hustle gained him a sit behind the mic at one of South Africa’s biggest Commercial Radio Station MetroFM. Go on and mock his English/accent but i doubt he gives thousand phacks about it. Who know, maybe if it wasn’t for Selling Boerewors at a nightclub Oscar wouldn’t have gotten a chance after he had volunteered a performance, to Co-found one of the biggest record label in the country!



Pinault-Printempts-Redoute now known as Kering founder, Francois-Henri Pinault.

You might’ve been isolated for not meeting the certain standards as a result of your background, but kulungile ma ku itando ya Khe!

The bullies who left the Multi-billionaire with no choice but to dropout of school for being poor, must be enjoying the comfort of Gucci (if they afford) to this poor breed phenomenon man! The founder of Luxury and Sports & Lifestyle company was so indigent that he was bullied for the situation that was beyond his control! Despite all he made it to PPR!



Harold Simmons of Corporation and Valhi, Inc. was never excused by his situation not to acquire those qualifications.

We’ve come across successful individuals who studied through candle light in their small shacks. Aren’t we just privileged to have electricity?

Your background doesn’t define your journey! The fact that he grew-up in shack must have been his motivating reason to work harder not only to gain tertiary Admission, but to graduate and turning into the world’s #136 Billionaires list in 2013.

There are more living inspirations who were once like you, walked in same shoes as you. You just need to maintain focus and “Know your Origins”!

In a nutshell, Notorious B.I.G corroborated this posts through this words (song) of reality: 

“When I was dead broke, man I couldn’t picture this
50 inch screen, money green leather sofa
Got two rides, a limousine with a chauffeur
Phone bill about two G’s flat
No need to worry, my accountant handles that
And my whole crew is loungin’
Celebratin’ every day, no more public housin’
Thinkin’ back on my one-room shack
Now my mom pimps a Ac’ with minks on her back…”

I Shall submarine with this few words. O lepara klaar; I salute you. Push harder, foster like Mzekezeke!!💪




Photo: Google. January is known, among South African to be one thorny financial month. But do we ever learn from it?

I believe is almost in everyone’s grinding motive is to generate revenues or a better living. Otherwise the world would be stagnant. Money on it’s own, is a flexible commodity and our management towards dealing with it is essential. By the way if it is well used, money can replicate, but if it’s been treated like rain as one artist once sang:  “I got a handful of stacks, i make it rain” there is no natural process of making it rain continuously forever! Oh by the way South Africa experienced shortage of rain, can you imagine a shortage of the unnatural money when you used to have it?! Money is as simple as our body- they’re both dependent upon our attitude/habits to either health or unhealthy developments. I believe there are two sequences relating to money and life (people):

  1. Plans before money, to generate money.

This is a critical chess move, not every ordinary individual can strike super moves on board. Usually people who exercise this move are those who intra-personally , understand that they’re in control of situations. Individuals who are true to themselves, understand that their roots are not based on a commodity but on their potential and passion. This are people who believe that they don’t wait until they drink Moet or hamba nge Vrrrrphaa for them to date a certain type of chicks! Such people are typically nature and desire driven, if and which is unlikely to happen, peer-pressure is not impacting on their operations. This is a person who is not discouraged by their background to engage in certain things. These are extraordinary individuals who break the so called Social Standards! Yeah, these are champions men who understand that make you believe that Black Label is a champion beer, and it will continue to sell despite the inception of the Green bottles which are seen as one symbol of “good lifestyle” from where am coming from.


Photo: Google. Although he generate serious stacks of money, the estimated $4 Billionaire Facebook Founder prefers it simple, while his supporters indebt themselves to be “on fleek/slay” on his platform.

The system of ‘broke plans’ works in this fashion: Your needs are at the anarchy level of your formula. Thus operators of this system have good management of money because they have the ability to filter the wants that can be mistaken for needs. I mean you’ve been coping well using a Samsung and enjoying your porridge which kept you healthy for the past years, but because of failure to planning you, once there is a dollar sign attached to your name, you starting finding porridge unhealthy and it should be replaced by a prescribed diet which is a placebo to getting you living healthier than the past 25 year of porridge. The poor Samsung was just used for social networks not to mention epic pics and you received instant communication. But now that you hear the sound of Ching-Ching, you first need to get an iPhone for the same purpose that was used with Samsung, before you can invest. This change come at a slight difference. Wait until you’re exhausted financially and you will understand the “slight difference” which is unnecessary spending!

2.  Money before planning, to spend.

In this phase of life you find typical people governed by “No, i need money before i can plan”. I am of the view that, plans in this state is are nothing but plans of spending the money in hand on wants that are mistaken for “Needs”. These are individuals who governed by those silly chess moves that result in the loss of game. This is someone who, not to touch on the porridge issue, step into their room and think that the 32″ screen is smaller than the budget inch, thus they need ooh i mean doomed to want a 104″ inch to watch the very same entertainment of gossip over a single edutainment episode. One friend of mine has well explained the difference between the people operating in the latter state as “Minimalist”. He defined them as people who understand that money grows as it’s fixed rather than making it rain! They’re often dubbed as stingy by this “Clusterists” who buy 5 Cellphones for a reason unknown not only to other people, but themselves! The very person who see a “need” for a bigger fridge yet come to feel the stress for an empty fridge. Oh i guess that bar-fridge lacks capacity to can store the volume of money.

These are people who will do things for the wrong reasons. These individuals will pop Cognac simply to be perceived as the Ish or to charm a person who is not even moved by such, unless we have a vulture for such a person! Money is the protagonist of thinking, while planning is on the Y-axes of a depreciating graph. The sad behavior come as a result that people feel like Fabiani is demeaning the figures. What if Zuckerberg , Winfrey , Musk among others know nothing about L.V yet they got it all? Are they demeaned- I doubt! God bless our footballers among other South African and show them the other version of planning and executing money related matters. Deliver them from Social pressure syndrome that results in “fit-in”stigma.


Photo: Google. Remember the talented Sibusiso “Tso” Vilakazi?

Ya bhaizixana zaka, especially when the lump sum kicks down the door while you least expect it. The behavior of these post-planners results money being extremely misused, thus lot f tag their lavish items at a price 80% cheaper than they paid for. That’s if items are not confiscated from them to settle the debts.

Let’s wisen-up brownies, that 1.8 Corolla doesn’t make us less of human-beings; more especially if we chose to get the ching fixed for some accumulating plans- the feeling is golden i tell you! If we are at terms with who we really are, then money won’t be a problem. But if we have it to create an impression, then money won’t be a problem for redundant expending. My brother/sister it’s not a sin not own a taxing iPhone, which is temporarily in existence as it will phase out with the your capital probably,  you only find it wrong because your suffering from what P.J Fourie refer as “Agenda Setting”. Your choices are pressured by a certain standard exposed to you by your surrounding.

Chika Onyeani seem to have an extensive substantial understanding to this piece of writing well elaborated in “Capitalist Nigger” book:

I recommend Thomas J. Dohmen’s discussion paper series under the topic: Social Pressure Influences Decisions of Individuals: Evidence from the Behavior of Football Referees”, (2005).  

Money may be termed roots of all evil, but the psychology we have towards the inanimate helpless money needs to be looked into. The evil might be in us than in money!


We all go through it!


Photo: Lebronny. The past conditions were unknown, the future climate was vague but nothing has/stopped us to trail to the present clearer state. It didn’t come at ease to ultimately champion the journey.

“Though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death- through a dark and dismal valley, full of terrors and dangers- i will fear no evil”,Psalm 23:4.

Let’s not get biblical to avoid controversial debates, rather let’s attend to the phrase and make life out of it in an impartial fashion. Right, we come in this life not to enjoy some honeymoon walks at no cost. No! We are actually here to exhaust our time-frame as it’s a depreciating sequence rather than appreciating. The aforementioned verse, on a general scope, is a perfect weapon of keeping us going, despite all odds (see the mother post somewhere in the posts).

As a people, we all go through rough patches. Although they might be different, but we all have our own Kilimanjaro’s to climb, our Jordan rivers to cross! There is no such thing as light-weighed problems; that’s for those who go around saying their experiencing worst scenarios in this life. Bosta is bosta my people- there is no such bosta that one, unless aliens, can enjoy a meal in front of it, they’re all “eeeeew” period! That’s the case with our dilemmas. They’re a headache to all of us. It’s unfortunate that we cannot swap adversities, but even if we had that opportunity, i swear most of us wouldn’t cope as easy as we claim other people’s complications are lite!

I like the galvanizing words of the aristocratic William Shedd when he said: “A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for”. From this wise words, i am of the belief that we are as good as dead if we are in this life to sit and do nothing, simply because we don’t want to go through some devastating stages of this life. It’s a normal life to me to have tough times, we are not stagnant we are actually showing signs that we are involved in this life through maneuvering along. We should learn from the ships, they sail through different conditions, think of the stormy weather, the stumbling waves among other natural plights through which the ship sail through. But ultimately they will make it to the harbour just to offload for some few days then return back to their designated nature- Sailing and transporting!

It’s devoted solely upon us to control the weighed of our circumstances. What am saying is; it is not the raw circumstance that is over-weighed on us, but it is our approach- how we deal with them that determine the im/balance. Our problems will definitely seem taller than any other, if we have the self pity attitude of ‘i am worse than all’ and expect to be listened by the whole world while we whine about them. People have their skeleton in their closets too, they honestly have limited time to listen to our helpless complains. But they can best offer advises of your proposed solution to your own poo.

We are all, like ships through the ocean/sea, sailing through difficulties of our own life. But it is our attitude towards them that determines their feel. People joke, some dance while some eat among others activities to sway through bitter times! Phola- do you want a pad on the back for your wailing? That ain’t no strategic. Matter of fact no one will forever be present to do that as people have their mountains to climb, the pad will be temporarily available. Why not find personal formulae to solve those equations of life and allow a pad to come as a privilege? Remember there was initially one formula to solve X, until someone invented other approaches to suitably solve that mathematical X!


We all sail through this ocean of life; we use our radars to best direct us in most suitable directions to us. We all have gone, are going, and will continuously go through it! You are not alone brother/sister.







Photo: Google. “Welkom”if you met the requirements, Constitution not applicable.

After reading about Orania town (Whites/Afrikaner only town based in Northern Cape under the Thembilihle municipality under it’s own Mayor who is not linked with the South African government Carel Boshoff IV; the town has it’s own currency with one political cultural- party) I have the following to say about our [South African Constitution and our political  leaders]:

1. The level of contradiction is extensive in both our constitution and leaders in that:
-How is it possible to allow a particular group to operate in isolation while the racial criterion is the highest requirement for one’s settlement? What happened to The Founding Provisions section (1) subsection (a-d) as per introductory chapter of our constitution? Well some values seem to been partially and selectively applicable to the citizens of our Mzanzi.


Photo: Google. How many amendments before the contradiction is corrected?

According to The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa 1996 (1) it is stated that: “We, the people of South Africa, believe that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, united in our diversity. Heal the divisions of the past and establish a society based on democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights.” How are the erstwhile wounds of division supposed to heal if we still what I refer to as a mini-country inside of a country, isolates itself as a result of color and language- which is coated as/under “culture”? How do we risk we unsoundly believe in a vivid myth that S.A. belongs to all who live in it whereas some, because of race, citizens are prohibited access to live in Orania which is on S.African soil?

Whoa wait; Hold-up! why are we (South Africans)  fiercely battling the use of Africans and English in some institutions, destroying our infrastructure of benefit,  because we want to encourage our eleven official languages, whereas there is a city that officially accept any other language but those we fighting against??- I know it rises some irks!

As per chapter 2 section 7(1) being mindful of the limitations therein, how does the the Bill of rights enshrines the rights of all people in the country and affirms democratic values of human dignity, equality and freedom while we have an independent clan that is conducting perpendicular to the set of rules in the Constitution? It’s right to be independent, but it will mean to being considerate to the set of principles and their implications thereof. Unless our country operates like an unsystematic “kangaroo court” as alluded one senator some time in the Honorable House of this beautiful country.

2. Are leaders really made, not born?

Are we having inadequate leaders who lacks the understanding of the statutes compiled in the National book? I doubt so, perhaps ignorance reigns within forerunners. I mean we have Citizens relocating and settling freely within the nine provinces, just not in the Orania town. But, because it is stereotypically believed that some skin type (color) is powerful than the other we have the Oranians moving into their desired province among the nine plus their “country” without any interference of executing Right 21. “Freedom of movement  and residence” subsections 1-3. On the contrary, interviewed are conducted for one to move into Oranea with strict restrictions to other racial groups but Afrikaners with the exception of Englishmen (who constitutes less than 10% of the approximately 1, 300 population) and two Colored men who are believed to be anti-apartheid activists to move into the distinctive town.

Xenophobia is a pandemic disturbing issue mostly advocated by our unemployment citizens (young people) under the justification that foreigners make it impossible for them (citizens) to get employment. Fine it’s reasonable, some legal permits were established I guess, although the foreigners are still illegally in operation. However, the population of Orania decrease, according to a reliable source, as a result of lack of jobs in the independent town. However, the immigrants from Orania enjoy the freedom to find jobs anyway in South Africa without any requirements of permit I reckon. What impact

Well, developments are essentially impressive in a country, but how was Dipuo Peters impressed by the development that are partially  contributing (if they do) towards the economy of the country? Unity is key; but being cognizant of the content engulfed in the Constitution how can the then President of the Youth League, Julius Malema praise the unity of such isolating group? Fast-forward to 2013, now the thinking seem to be clearer. I wonder what was the reaction of the Headmaster of the country, Msholozi, during that 2010 visit to the small town of less than 700 house holds, when he saw an “all white party” event heheheheeee… Mr President must’ve sang a slogan in Dutch, lol. The Constitution needs serious amendments; oops konje someone powerful toured the  condoned the misconducts which are contradictory to the book of laws.

Somewhat the brave ICASA has tried, through shutting what they dubbed as “racist-based station”, to poke the hot potatoes. Unfortunately, some influential ring-leader, took well the sweet talks, had to brush the issue and get the station running again, licensed this time. Has the content changed as per ICASA regulations? Aretsi!

Are we having inadequate leaders? Substantially to the proposed answer, our people are mal-serviced in that some villages hardly, if they do, get nurses to go monitor health issues instead they have to travel longer distances to access a clinic, by the way the villagers are loyal democratic voters. Now a trained South African, probably white, get to visit the town of Orania not once but twice every week, the non-voting Oranians must be enjoy free health hospitality of South Africa.


Photo: Google. Moenie met my praat in vreemde tale of anders!

The symptoms of malice in the operation of Orania is just so eerie. Grrrrrr….! Isn’t it frightening to find someone commemorating the defeat of other racial group? I doubt the renowned ‘Rainbow nation’ principle is not part of the town as the defeat of 15, 000 Zulu warrior to 470 Afrikaners is best commemorate. I can imagine, the slouched phrase with a bit of pity smile: ” Ons sal weer verlaan” meaning we shall defeat again. Let me not touch on the danger posed to my instincts by the approximately 3, 800 registered members who are out of the small town, probably due to the stated lack of women and employment!

We should proudly portray the biblical saints as Africans; people move as they please into Northern Cape neighboring villages, into Limpopo’s surrounding among other nine provinces, but You dare step into Orania, Dare you! Very holly of us i must say.

We still have a long journey to travel longer than uTata Mandela’s long-walk to Freedom I guess!

Disclaimer: I am Lebronny, and without any racial implication or offence to the other, am expressing the Freedom of Speech. The limitations of non-infringing into other people’s rights is heavily considered in this piece.



Photo: Google. “Life is our merciless master and we are the students who needs to endure and champion this life”-Lebronny

The privilege of seeing yet another sunshine of the dawn is what’s enough we can ever ask from life. The rest is totally up to us. Bearing in mind that life owes us nothing, but we in return owe it to this lifetime to make everyday our best, will remind us of how lucky we are to have this life.

We should stop having self-pity as if life is a favor to us! No one has ever promised that we will have a walk in a park is we sail through this life phase. Life was never promised to come lenient to us, but it’s gonna and is already challenging us from the very first day we come to this universe. Otherwise, it will take us to the core meaning of Charles Darwin’s renowned phrase: “Survival of the fittest”. It is because we are fit that we survived the scouring heat and freezing cold winds during our early period of life. It was never easy making it to the state that we are in at currently.Why do we act-up now and pretend like we were promised to get it all easy?!


Photo: Google- “The teacher resemble LIFE as the student is a character sailing through life”- Lebronny

I have long thought hard about it after i reminisce on the films i watched as a kid. I came to understand that the protagonists did not have it on a silver platter for them to emerge as ultimate champions. In the the Film “The Karate Kid” there is a an old man named Pat Morita better known as Mr. Miyagi. The teacher was never merciful towards the student despite the weakness or hardship expressed by Ralph Macchio aka Daniel. Mr Miyagi will believe in the potential of his student, and it was up to the student to withstand the pressure. The determination and situations left Daniel with no choice but to endure. He understood that the master owed him nothing, but he owed what the master is dishing to himself!

Now, Life is just as portrayed in that film. Life is our teacher and it is totally up to us as student to endure the lessons and continue using the acquired experience to best-handle the situations in hand. Like the great John Quincy Adams once said: “Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish”, we will ultimately champion this life and be like the protagonist. We need to develop a positive mindset and approach towards life, not forgetting that life owes us nothing.

It’s will take sweats, pains and hardships to get things done. It ain’t gonna come easy! Hanging in there, be patient, persevere or Hangout in the lifeline!

Place Optimism at the sovereign point!


Lebronnyconcepts images: I believe each and every person has a burning vision within themselves. There might be mountains, water, darkness or blinding light rays along our visions. It’s up to us to allow such adversities distract our beautiful view and alter our focus towards our ultimate point!

It’s about faith; It’s about trust!
Like the legendary Sade sang beautifully about it. I say we need to have faith and trust in our destination.
Should the aforementioned aspects reign at the forefront of our marathon, then no matter how tired or challenged we are, nothing will come in between us and what we aspire to be! For it’s been said that faith is the substance for things hoped for , then as active human beings why can’t we entrust in our hopes.
We often develop an amazing hope over things that are beyond our control and we endup awe disappointments of the outcomes therein.

Why can’t we, with the potential vested in us, make it our duty to plan our own mission and invest hope in them? Let’s be bound to fulfilling the mission. Make it our daily mandate to see to it that we live each day in a proposed direction inclined to our faithful end point. Let’s be affiliated to our desired port of goal just like we never miss a point of celebrating festive season. This point is not imposed on us or it’s not dependent on any other person or factor. But it’s rooted in oneself. It’s intra-dependent.

It is in such missions, it’s important to remind ourselves, under oath, that we shall account for the prevailing outcome. Planned or ambushed we shall not breakdown but be liable to such turnouts.
Challenge yourself my brother; challenge yourself my sister.

Massive or tiny as they may appear consider every obstacle that comes head-on to your journey as an inspiring tester. See yourself for who and what you itch to be; not for who you can be after you deferred. Impediments are inevitable, but they are not meant to define us. They are instead there to remind us to revive the meaning and strength in our focused area. Their existence is to take us out of the most dangerous state- our comfort zone! Without them we will be relaxed and procrastinate or even fail to complete our voyage. Otherwise it’s what we make out of our trials that matters.

Although you’re humble through your journey; be as much a warrior!

Have faith in you and coat it with trust, and you shall conceive courage through out your destination. You can become what you are destined to be!

Happy another year of life!


New Year; an additional opportunity to Life.

New Year celebration is not really about the transition into a start of a new calendar. The transformation doesn’t doesn’t really mean ‘start of new things and/or the abolishment of the past’. But it’s covertly just about celebrating an additional year to Life. The only closing and opening is that of an old calendar into a newer one. Otherwise life continues to cycle.

One evident reason are remarks such as: “Thank God we’ve safely made it into this new year”. Otherwise nothing is new; we have so much pending against us. We carry with us the outstanding matters of the preceding years. However, beyond it all we still celebrate the privilege of an additional days of our lives.
That’s when we come to realise gore life is what matters!
The transition into 365/6 days simply means that we have made it against the previous tests of life. However, there is an extension into life challenges. Reminiscing on the previous calendars, we are capable and has what it takes to challenge this life.

Against all odds we still celebrate the additional year. Let’s be thankful of life and strive to thrive in this life time; be mindful that we are not perfect so is the lifestyle-it is okay to fail as we never cease to try.

From Lebronnyconcepts, we wish you a prosperous New Year to Life; keep moving.