Happy another year of life!


New Year; an additional opportunity to Life.

New Year celebration is not really about the transition into a start of a new calendar. The transformation doesn’t doesn’t really mean ‘start of new things and/or the abolishment of the past’. But it’s covertly just about celebrating an additional year to Life. The only closing and opening is that of an old calendar into a newer one. Otherwise life continues to cycle.

One evident reason are remarks such as: “Thank God we’ve safely made it into this new year”. Otherwise nothing is new; we have so much pending against us. We carry with us the outstanding matters of the preceding years. However, beyond it all we still celebrate the privilege of an additional days of our lives.
That’s when we come to realise gore life is what matters!
The transition into 365/6 days simply means that we have made it against the previous tests of life. However, there is an extension into life challenges. Reminiscing on the previous calendars, we are capable and has what it takes to challenge this life.

Against all odds we still celebrate the additional year. Let’s be thankful of life and strive to thrive in this life time; be mindful that we are not perfect so is the lifestyle-it is okay to fail as we never cease to try.

From Lebronnyconcepts, we wish you a prosperous New Year to Life; keep moving.


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