Place Optimism at the sovereign point!


Lebronnyconcepts images: I believe each and every person has a burning vision within themselves. There might be mountains, water, darkness or blinding light rays along our visions. It’s up to us to allow such adversities distract our beautiful view and alter our focus towards our ultimate point!

It’s about faith; It’s about trust!
Like the legendary Sade sang beautifully about it. I say we need to have faith and trust in our destination.
Should the aforementioned aspects reign at the forefront of our marathon, then no matter how tired or challenged we are, nothing will come in between us and what we aspire to be! For it’s been said that faith is the substance for things hoped for , then as active human beings why can’t we entrust in our hopes.
We often develop an amazing hope over things that are beyond our control and we endup awe disappointments of the outcomes therein.

Why can’t we, with the potential vested in us, make it our duty to plan our own mission and invest hope in them? Let’s be bound to fulfilling the mission. Make it our daily mandate to see to it that we live each day in a proposed direction inclined to our faithful end point. Let’s be affiliated to our desired port of goal just like we never miss a point of celebrating festive season. This point is not imposed on us or it’s not dependent on any other person or factor. But it’s rooted in oneself. It’s intra-dependent.

It is in such missions, it’s important to remind ourselves, under oath, that we shall account for the prevailing outcome. Planned or ambushed we shall not breakdown but be liable to such turnouts.
Challenge yourself my brother; challenge yourself my sister.

Massive or tiny as they may appear consider every obstacle that comes head-on to your journey as an inspiring tester. See yourself for who and what you itch to be; not for who you can be after you deferred. Impediments are inevitable, but they are not meant to define us. They are instead there to remind us to revive the meaning and strength in our focused area. Their existence is to take us out of the most dangerous state- our comfort zone! Without them we will be relaxed and procrastinate or even fail to complete our voyage. Otherwise it’s what we make out of our trials that matters.

Although you’re humble through your journey; be as much a warrior!

Have faith in you and coat it with trust, and you shall conceive courage through out your destination. You can become what you are destined to be!


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