Photo: Google. “Life is our merciless master and we are the students who needs to endure and champion this life”-Lebronny

The privilege of seeing yet another sunshine of the dawn is what’s enough we can ever ask from life. The rest is totally up to us. Bearing in mind that life owes us nothing, but we in return owe it to this lifetime to make everyday our best, will remind us of how lucky we are to have this life.

We should stop having self-pity as if life is a favor to us! No one has ever promised that we will have a walk in a park is we sail through this life phase. Life was never promised to come lenient to us, but it’s gonna and is already challenging us from the very first day we come to this universe. Otherwise, it will take us to the core meaning of Charles Darwin’s renowned phrase: “Survival of the fittest”. It is because we are fit that we survived the scouring heat and freezing cold winds during our early period of life. It was never easy making it to the state that we are in at currently.Why do we act-up now and pretend like we were promised to get it all easy?!


Photo: Google- “The teacher resemble LIFE as the student is a character sailing through life”- Lebronny

I have long thought hard about it after i reminisce on the films i watched as a kid. I came to understand that the protagonists did not have it on a silver platter for them to emerge as ultimate champions. In the the Film “The Karate Kid” there is a an old man named Pat Morita better known as Mr. Miyagi. The teacher was never merciful towards the student despite the weakness or hardship expressed by Ralph Macchio aka Daniel. Mr Miyagi will believe in the potential of his student, and it was up to the student to withstand the pressure. The determination and situations left Daniel with no choice but to endure. He understood that the master owed him nothing, but he owed what the master is dishing to himself!

Now, Life is just as portrayed in that film. Life is our teacher and it is totally up to us as student to endure the lessons and continue using the acquired experience to best-handle the situations in hand. Like the great John Quincy Adams once said: “Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish”, we will ultimately champion this life and be like the protagonist. We need to develop a positive mindset and approach towards life, not forgetting that life owes us nothing.

It’s will take sweats, pains and hardships to get things done. It ain’t gonna come easy! Hanging in there, be patient, persevere or Hangout in the lifeline!



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