Photo: Google. “Welkom”if you met the requirements, Constitution not applicable.

After reading about Orania town (Whites/Afrikaner only town based in Northern Cape under the Thembilihle municipality under it’s own Mayor who is not linked with the South African government Carel Boshoff IV; the town has it’s own currency with one political cultural- party) I have the following to say about our [South African Constitution and our political  leaders]:

1. The level of contradiction is extensive in both our constitution and leaders in that:
-How is it possible to allow a particular group to operate in isolation while the racial criterion is the highest requirement for one’s settlement? What happened to The Founding Provisions section (1) subsection (a-d) as per introductory chapter of our constitution? Well some values seem to been partially and selectively applicable to the citizens of our Mzanzi.


Photo: Google. How many amendments before the contradiction is corrected?

According to The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa 1996 (1) it is stated that: “We, the people of South Africa, believe that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, united in our diversity. Heal the divisions of the past and establish a society based on democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights.” How are the erstwhile wounds of division supposed to heal if we still what I refer to as a mini-country inside of a country, isolates itself as a result of color and language- which is coated as/under “culture”? How do we risk we unsoundly believe in a vivid myth that S.A. belongs to all who live in it whereas some, because of race, citizens are prohibited access to live in Orania which is on S.African soil?

Whoa wait; Hold-up! why are we (South Africans)  fiercely battling the use of Africans and English in some institutions, destroying our infrastructure of benefit,  because we want to encourage our eleven official languages, whereas there is a city that officially accept any other language but those we fighting against??- I know it rises some irks!

As per chapter 2 section 7(1) being mindful of the limitations therein, how does the the Bill of rights enshrines the rights of all people in the country and affirms democratic values of human dignity, equality and freedom while we have an independent clan that is conducting perpendicular to the set of rules in the Constitution? It’s right to be independent, but it will mean to being considerate to the set of principles and their implications thereof. Unless our country operates like an unsystematic “kangaroo court” as alluded one senator some time in the Honorable House of this beautiful country.

2. Are leaders really made, not born?

Are we having inadequate leaders who lacks the understanding of the statutes compiled in the National book? I doubt so, perhaps ignorance reigns within forerunners. I mean we have Citizens relocating and settling freely within the nine provinces, just not in the Orania town. But, because it is stereotypically believed that some skin type (color) is powerful than the other we have the Oranians moving into their desired province among the nine plus their “country” without any interference of executing Right 21. “Freedom of movement  and residence” subsections 1-3. On the contrary, interviewed are conducted for one to move into Oranea with strict restrictions to other racial groups but Afrikaners with the exception of Englishmen (who constitutes less than 10% of the approximately 1, 300 population) and two Colored men who are believed to be anti-apartheid activists to move into the distinctive town.

Xenophobia is a pandemic disturbing issue mostly advocated by our unemployment citizens (young people) under the justification that foreigners make it impossible for them (citizens) to get employment. Fine it’s reasonable, some legal permits were established I guess, although the foreigners are still illegally in operation. However, the population of Orania decrease, according to a reliable source, as a result of lack of jobs in the independent town. However, the immigrants from Orania enjoy the freedom to find jobs anyway in South Africa without any requirements of permit I reckon. What impact

Well, developments are essentially impressive in a country, but how was Dipuo Peters impressed by the development that are partially  contributing (if they do) towards the economy of the country? Unity is key; but being cognizant of the content engulfed in the Constitution how can the then President of the Youth League, Julius Malema praise the unity of such isolating group? Fast-forward to 2013, now the thinking seem to be clearer. I wonder what was the reaction of the Headmaster of the country, Msholozi, during that 2010 visit to the small town of less than 700 house holds, when he saw an “all white party” event heheheheeee… Mr President must’ve sang a slogan in Dutch, lol. The Constitution needs serious amendments; oops konje someone powerful toured the  condoned the misconducts which are contradictory to the book of laws.

Somewhat the brave ICASA has tried, through shutting what they dubbed as “racist-based station”, to poke the hot potatoes. Unfortunately, some influential ring-leader, took well the sweet talks, had to brush the issue and get the station running again, licensed this time. Has the content changed as per ICASA regulations? Aretsi!

Are we having inadequate leaders? Substantially to the proposed answer, our people are mal-serviced in that some villages hardly, if they do, get nurses to go monitor health issues instead they have to travel longer distances to access a clinic, by the way the villagers are loyal democratic voters. Now a trained South African, probably white, get to visit the town of Orania not once but twice every week, the non-voting Oranians must be enjoy free health hospitality of South Africa.


Photo: Google. Moenie met my praat in vreemde tale of anders!

The symptoms of malice in the operation of Orania is just so eerie. Grrrrrr….! Isn’t it frightening to find someone commemorating the defeat of other racial group? I doubt the renowned ‘Rainbow nation’ principle is not part of the town as the defeat of 15, 000 Zulu warrior to 470 Afrikaners is best commemorate. I can imagine, the slouched phrase with a bit of pity smile: ” Ons sal weer verlaan” meaning we shall defeat again. Let me not touch on the danger posed to my instincts by the approximately 3, 800 registered members who are out of the small town, probably due to the stated lack of women and employment!

We should proudly portray the biblical saints as Africans; people move as they please into Northern Cape neighboring villages, into Limpopo’s surrounding among other nine provinces, but You dare step into Orania, Dare you! Very holly of us i must say.

We still have a long journey to travel longer than uTata Mandela’s long-walk to Freedom I guess!

Disclaimer: I am Lebronny, and without any racial implication or offence to the other, am expressing the Freedom of Speech. The limitations of non-infringing into other people’s rights is heavily considered in this piece.


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