We all go through it!


Photo: Lebronny. The past conditions were unknown, the future climate was vague but nothing has/stopped us to trail to the present clearer state. It didn’t come at ease to ultimately champion the journey.

“Though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death- through a dark and dismal valley, full of terrors and dangers- i will fear no evil”,Psalm 23:4.

Let’s not get biblical to avoid controversial debates, rather let’s attend to the phrase and make life out of it in an impartial fashion. Right, we come in this life not to enjoy some honeymoon walks at no cost. No! We are actually here to exhaust our time-frame as it’s a depreciating sequence rather than appreciating. The aforementioned verse, on a general scope, is a perfect weapon of keeping us going, despite all odds (see the mother post somewhere in the posts).

As a people, we all go through rough patches. Although they might be different, but we all have our own Kilimanjaro’s to climb, our Jordan rivers to cross! There is no such thing as light-weighed problems; that’s for those who go around saying their experiencing worst scenarios in this life. Bosta is bosta my people- there is no such bosta that one, unless aliens, can enjoy a meal in front of it, they’re all “eeeeew” period! That’s the case with our dilemmas. They’re a headache to all of us. It’s unfortunate that we cannot swap adversities, but even if we had that opportunity, i swear most of us wouldn’t cope as easy as we claim other people’s complications are lite!

I like the galvanizing words of the aristocratic William Shedd when he said: “A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for”. From this wise words, i am of the belief that we are as good as dead if we are in this life to sit and do nothing, simply because we don’t want to go through some devastating stages of this life. It’s a normal life to me to have tough times, we are not stagnant we are actually showing signs that we are involved in this life through maneuvering along. We should learn from the ships, they sail through different conditions, think of the stormy weather, the stumbling waves among other natural plights through which the ship sail through. But ultimately they will make it to the harbour just to offload for some few days then return back to their designated nature- Sailing and transporting!

It’s devoted solely upon us to control the weighed of our circumstances. What am saying is; it is not the raw circumstance that is over-weighed on us, but it is our approach- how we deal with them that determine the im/balance. Our problems will definitely seem taller than any other, if we have the self pity attitude of ‘i am worse than all’ and expect to be listened by the whole world while we whine about them. People have their skeleton in their closets too, they honestly have limited time to listen to our helpless complains. But they can best offer advises of your proposed solution to your own poo.

We are all, like ships through the ocean/sea, sailing through difficulties of our own life. But it is our attitude towards them that determines their feel. People joke, some dance while some eat among others activities to sway through bitter times! Phola- do you want a pad on the back for your wailing? That ain’t no strategic. Matter of fact no one will forever be present to do that as people have their mountains to climb, the pad will be temporarily available. Why not find personal formulae to solve those equations of life and allow a pad to come as a privilege? Remember there was initially one formula to solve X, until someone invented other approaches to suitably solve that mathematical X!


We all sail through this ocean of life; we use our radars to best direct us in most suitable directions to us. We all have gone, are going, and will continuously go through it! You are not alone brother/sister.






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