Photo: Google. January is known, among South African to be one thorny financial month. But do we ever learn from it?

I believe is almost in everyone’s grinding motive is to generate revenues or a better living. Otherwise the world would be stagnant. Money on it’s own, is a flexible commodity and our management towards dealing with it is essential. By the way if it is well used, money can replicate, but if it’s been treated like rain as one artist once sang:  “I got a handful of stacks, i make it rain” there is no natural process of making it rain continuously forever! Oh by the way South Africa experienced shortage of rain, can you imagine a shortage of the unnatural money when you used to have it?! Money is as simple as our body- they’re both dependent upon our attitude/habits to either health or unhealthy developments. I believe there are two sequences relating to money and life (people):

  1. Plans before money, to generate money.

This is a critical chess move, not every ordinary individual can strike super moves on board. Usually people who exercise this move are those who intra-personally , understand that they’re in control of situations. Individuals who are true to themselves, understand that their roots are not based on a commodity but on their potential and passion. This are people who believe that they don’t wait until they drink Moet or hamba nge Vrrrrphaa for them to date a certain type of chicks! Such people are typically nature and desire driven, if and which is unlikely to happen, peer-pressure is not impacting on their operations. This is a person who is not discouraged by their background to engage in certain things. These are extraordinary individuals who break the so called Social Standards! Yeah, these are champions men who understand that make you believe that Black Label is a champion beer, and it will continue to sell despite the inception of the Green bottles which are seen as one symbol of “good lifestyle” from where am coming from.


Photo: Google. Although he generate serious stacks of money, the estimated $4 Billionaire Facebook Founder prefers it simple, while his supporters indebt themselves to be “on fleek/slay” on his platform.

The system of ‘broke plans’ works in this fashion: Your needs are at the anarchy level of your formula. Thus operators of this system have good management of money because they have the ability to filter the wants that can be mistaken for needs. I mean you’ve been coping well using a Samsung and enjoying your porridge which kept you healthy for the past years, but because of failure to planning you, once there is a dollar sign attached to your name, you starting finding porridge unhealthy and it should be replaced by a prescribed diet which is a placebo to getting you living healthier than the past 25 year of porridge. The poor Samsung was just used for social networks not to mention epic pics and you received instant communication. But now that you hear the sound of Ching-Ching, you first need to get an iPhone for the same purpose that was used with Samsung, before you can invest. This change come at a slight difference. Wait until you’re exhausted financially and you will understand the “slight difference” which is unnecessary spending!

2.  Money before planning, to spend.

In this phase of life you find typical people governed by “No, i need money before i can plan”. I am of the view that, plans in this state is are nothing but plans of spending the money in hand on wants that are mistaken for “Needs”. These are individuals who governed by those silly chess moves that result in the loss of game. This is someone who, not to touch on the porridge issue, step into their room and think that the 32″ screen is smaller than the budget inch, thus they need ooh i mean doomed to want a 104″ inch to watch the very same entertainment of gossip over a single edutainment episode. One friend of mine has well explained the difference between the people operating in the latter state as “Minimalist”. He defined them as people who understand that money grows as it’s fixed rather than making it rain! They’re often dubbed as stingy by this “Clusterists” who buy 5 Cellphones for a reason unknown not only to other people, but themselves! The very person who see a “need” for a bigger fridge yet come to feel the stress for an empty fridge. Oh i guess that bar-fridge lacks capacity to can store the volume of money.

These are people who will do things for the wrong reasons. These individuals will pop Cognac simply to be perceived as the Ish or to charm a person who is not even moved by such, unless we have a vulture for such a person! Money is the protagonist of thinking, while planning is on the Y-axes of a depreciating graph. The sad behavior come as a result that people feel like Fabiani is demeaning the figures. What if Zuckerberg , Winfrey , Musk among others know nothing about L.V yet they got it all? Are they demeaned- I doubt! God bless our footballers among other South African and show them the other version of planning and executing money related matters. Deliver them from Social pressure syndrome that results in “fit-in”stigma.


Photo: Google. Remember the talented Sibusiso “Tso” Vilakazi?

Ya bhaizixana zaka, especially when the lump sum kicks down the door while you least expect it. The behavior of these post-planners results money being extremely misused, thus lot f tag their lavish items at a price 80% cheaper than they paid for. That’s if items are not confiscated from them to settle the debts.

Let’s wisen-up brownies, that 1.8 Corolla doesn’t make us less of human-beings; more especially if we chose to get the ching fixed for some accumulating plans- the feeling is golden i tell you! If we are at terms with who we really are, then money won’t be a problem. But if we have it to create an impression, then money won’t be a problem for redundant expending. My brother/sister it’s not a sin not own a taxing iPhone, which is temporarily in existence as it will phase out with the your capital probably,  you only find it wrong because your suffering from what P.J Fourie refer as “Agenda Setting”. Your choices are pressured by a certain standard exposed to you by your surrounding.

Chika Onyeani seem to have an extensive substantial understanding to this piece of writing well elaborated in “Capitalist Nigger” book:

I recommend Thomas J. Dohmen’s discussion paper series under the topic: Social Pressure Influences Decisions of Individuals: Evidence from the Behavior of Football Referees”, (2005).  

Money may be termed roots of all evil, but the psychology we have towards the inanimate helpless money needs to be looked into. The evil might be in us than in money!



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