Situation reading: Timing




Knowing when, where, why and what to do is essential. This might be the making or breaking stage of the future. Its at this time in point when the self is required to be consciously active. The conscious part of the self is the deeper sense, the phase where all senses come to one, it’s the joint state. Human awareness is fully awaken at this point!

When dealing with life situation, one gotta be proactive instead of active; avoid impulsive and be non-spontaneous in decisions making. The decisions gotta be calculated. The moves are well thought of; there is room for the contrary consequences that might emerge. After all we are only human, we might learn from the inevitable outcomes that are not part of the plan’s desire! Play dead where needs it be. Maybe you’re just about to become a millionaire through that street-kid’s motivation, but because you acted saint you’ve just kissed it goodbye! You never know.

When- Is the everything in order? Don’t confuse situations! You surely wouldn’t want to want your speaker to go out loud when you glancing that porn video in presence of your parents over family supper. Don’t do things that where supposed to be employed in your tertiary state, in your primary period. Remember the limitations of jargon. Don’t come and be technical when you’re with your fellow laymen. It might press someone’s button thus depriving you an opportunity to learn. Never be scared to delay your horses if you’re unsure of what to say. We are never demeaned of keeping quiet mos; we might be embarrassed and devalued for being rectified about having said the things that are uninformed. This is essential in the ability of differentiating the proceeding state:

Where– Know your people. Differentiate between the type of people within your circle. Be an all rounder; never filter a certain category of people: go from dropouts, academics, bourgeois, drunkards, gamblers, non/ believers, ex-cons etc. Curiosity will opportune you the moment to learn who behaves how, when and why. Thus you will get counter skills in handling the person of that fashion when you come across the strange situation of the strange individuals who belong to a certain category

Why– Are you engaging in that activity of those people for fun sake; are you having life lessons? Never, be too reluctant to even forget the motive behind your presence within that circle. If you’re doing it for no reason then you’re wasting your precious time. But if you’re substantially doing it then you’re making the time precious. Don’t do it for the sake of doing it. Don’t just come and twang where it can be used to develop sceptical thoughts about your belonging. Develop a chameleon behaviour, but shell like a tortoise, know and stick to your origins and protect your customs. Do not show-off where your skills will be an intimidating factor within the habitat. But share your thoughts as a suggestion and get to listen people’s reaction. Be impartial, know why you need to go an extra-mile. It sure gotta be beneficial to you brother/sister! Miscalculations of this step of the pyramid might sharpen of defect the future following the next step:

What– keep your cards to your chest. Know, through be cautious of the aforementioned steps, which move to strike.  The typical questions might emerge as “what am I doing; what should I do; what’s required of me?”. Don’t find yourself making wrong moves contrary to what’s required. It might be detrimental to the future. It’s of course a crucial stage. The how part can be infused with this stage as they’re hand to glove. I mean you can’t read the what and barely fail to know how to use it; we shall attend to that another time as we know that IQ level is unique per individual. But I trust my readers😊!.

Know the whose of your surrounding, they’re important.

In summary, don’t talk police when you’re with citizens that are not law abiding, otherwise this might deprive you the opportunity to learn the culture moreover putting your snitch ass at risk. Ethical consideration! Do not talk what you’re supposed to talk with your father or make counterpart to your mother or sister. Disadvantages brother!

Don’t go all out in proving your excellence in a government entity, as it might be a threat to the fossil staff thus resulting in sabotaging your future paths, lols. Know when to be moderate, when to be A+. Be subordinate and read your situation just like crocodile does. Never give features of doubt; that is to say never ever swap those characters.  Tyler Perry plays Madea, Brown and Joe in one film and the characters are distinct- It’s a skill, not everyone can do that. Be like that man!

Read your situation. Eba le timing motho. Ska ya wrong places, under wrong impressions, with wrong motives for wrong reasons!

Pay Attention, Focus, suspense/delay (where there is a need) annnnd Action/Engage!

Am done!


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