Photo: Lebronny. “If you believe; then you’re halfway there”

Although we are somewhat obligated to embark on the journey of life, it is however never easy route to embark on. We have battles to fight along the way, burning and dry pressure of discomfort to withstand for us to reach the set destination point(s) ahead of us.

Miscellaneously, albeit their different nature, we are on this planet to fulfill a certain purpose. We often come across people uttering “We’ve come a long way…”, but at some point we seldom realize that individually we indeed come a long way. Thus missing the point to credit ourselves. The niche group who practice it are self motivated and ultimately such a behavior will amount to thriving the missions set. The self deserves credit, it deserves internal motivation and i believe it will easily comprehend the external impulse encountered. We definitely need to learn from such people. The distinction is not that they are perfect; but it is that they understand the worth of their craft after a sweaty attempt with some threatening downfalls in between the craft-ship! I applaud such human-being; this are human being who are never intimidated and driven by fear of the unknown into boosting their craft at a cost of settling for mediocre or compromising their capacitated integrity in order to cross bridges. These are not people who slaughter cows to tendentiously  chair the parliament!

These are bold men and women. These are people who fear themselves as they get to understand that they’re At The Verge of getting things in motion. Like one of my inspirational writer stated; As a people, we are excelling in remembering dates and names but never the lesson, the people whose view are as clear recall the lesson not only the names. Christopher George Latore Wallace famously known as B.I.G, my favorite i know, in one of his songs remembers back to his one room shack while birthdays were the worst days, but it is likely that his fans will remember his riches and material things acquired and never the acquiring process! We indeed fail to learn the core thing- this is evident when the audience’s breath is paused when what they see as fine speaker utter that “I had to sleep under a bridge some days of my life before i achieved what you see”.

We shall continue to be blinded towards the view of being at that edge of life, if we do not reflect on how far we’ve come to get to where we are. And we shall ultimately experience the world of defeatists. The danger part of missing this sight point is that we will end-up having people who are not so proud of their destinations simply because they settled for mediocre through cutting corners. I can bet that there is nothing worth to pride oneself to a student who acquired a distinction through cheating. It might not be known and visible to the external world, but deep down in them they are not so proud. Why? because the damn grades were not worked for but smuggled. The latter can not compare to the feeling of a grateful student who studied hard for that 60%.

The torch will be held high up with no doubts if it was earned. These are people who understood that they made it to the verge. They are people who are scared by their tenacious outcomes. These are people who couldn’t compromise their worth by abiding to silly tempting proposals. I guess it is always a story of hope to tell by that brother/sister who failed several times through the legal procedure, than the embarrassing secrete of those who earned the post at firsthand because some undies had to go down their feet! These people are in most cases someone’s “yes man”, the likelihood is that they are uncertain about their worth, since they are caged into what they fell for. Parents’ who sold tomatoes may shed some tears when their children are conferred that degree, but i doubt a drug mule parent will shed the same tear! Think about it.

Scare yourself and you shall respect yourself. It’s because some people’s views were blurred enough that they can’t see their verge of life hence they graduate> work> start buying STI medications all their lives! If our view is clear we would be as careful just so we understand that we are about to reap the benefits of a worthy journey long traveled!

My dear readers, situations may be tough and never promising but should we clear our viewpoint in the back of our powerful minds, we will understand that the grey area is temporary. That is when we will put our foot down and say NO to sleeping our way up; NO to being bribed with material things in return of engaging in disgracing acts; NO to settling to mediocre. NO to abusive bosses and relationship, because we were impatient to do things legally and lawfully to earn our throne. Simply because we know are our worth, value and what we are destined to be. Simply because we believe and have faith that we’ve come way too long to be at this Verge!

Go-on be a geek who works their way up; rather than skhothane who get sodomized to look game. At the end of the day, someone might remain controlled pet while the other is savor the moment which is there to stay if well sustained and maintained!

Know your worth>> broaden up your thinking>> See your verge of life>> Scare and respect yourself>> Be patient and value yourself; You’re almost there mfethu. Take vigilant care and pride yourself later when you get there!



  1. This is a powerful piece,how I wish our younger siblings could read to understand this.It’s sad how people think that sleeping your way to the top will keep you there and it pains me even more looking at the younger generation with no direction..It gets me thinking about my life,the obstacles I’m still facing and ultimately what the future hold for me.I often tell people that it doesn’t matter how you get there but what matters is that you’ll get there,reading your article makes me realise how shallow that statement is and the process of getting there really matters..I have a few changes to make now all thanks to you..Thank you

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  2. Wow, this is too powerful, if only it can touch millions of people who are at the verge of throwing in the towel. Indeed we’ve come too far to just give up. We gotta find ways to conquer the impasse, anything is possible if you put your mind and soul into it. You will get were you want to be. Thank you. Keep up the good work

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    1. Lebronnyconcepts appreciate your insight. Anything is possible. There is a classic song which inspire me, it goes: “I know i can be where i wanna be if i work hard at it”.

      Feel free to spread the word/link.


  3. Wow Lebronny. Am really impressed and motivated. Indeed we’ve came so far to give up now. It touched me and I hope that this word will be spread out,cause they’re millions of people who really need to hear this word. May the good Lord bless you to keep on spreading wise words across the world.

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