My kinder woman


My kinder woman is my day one. She’s a friend best in the world. She’s a lover; above all she’s a caregiver.

My kinder woman is the woman whom wishes to see the infinite smile on my face; not through spoiling me. But through reprimanding me against the negative acts that I engage in.

My kinder woman is a teacher, nurse, safety officer, social worker, pastor all wrapped in a box with a ribbon on; she’s just never a judge perhaps she’s a righteous advocate.

My kinder woman has unreserved faith in me; she knows eternal agape love. This woman aims at leading me to greener pastures. This phenomenon never give-up on me no matter how tempting my misconducts will lead her into throwing the towel, damn she holds on it.

My kinder woman foresee the the wrong things that am blinded against; my kinder woman will always have words of consolation and encouragement for my depressed soul. That’s the woman of my calibre. The woman who, despite all, monitor me into the positive direction of life. This woman will wish and hope for the best in my life, not because she wants a share of it; but because she wants me to live a better life. This is a woman who believes in investing in me and ensures I don’t place the investments at jeopardy. She believes she can and has to build the strongest pyramid out of me.

My kinder women always had and continue to have time for my stories; she is a true forgiver – she never hold grudges even though I piss her off the worst direction. This woman doesn’t owe me nothing; I owe her everything. My kinder woman feels like giving me life is not enough, hence she mentors me through it.

My kinder woman wants what’s best for me. She’s honest when it comes to what I should stop doing; although i might Take her for granted, but she never hesitate to be frank about the kinder people i should associate myself with.

My kinder woman sacrifice alot in her life to make me happy; in hard times she tries by all means to cover it up for my eyes and she will say: “…gotlo loka ngwanaka, Modimo ona le rena…”.

Mosadi mosadi; mosadi. She taught me that I can be what I am destined to be. Among other things, she taught me respect, discipline and choice making. She taught me to independency and to maintain focus.

Sade sang about my kinder woman in the heartbreaking track “Pearls”. Tupac titled my kinder woman a “dear mama”. My dear mama is well spoken off by Judith Sephuma when she artistically narrated “Mme mostwadi”. The woman who shed some tears and believe that Notorious B.I.G is still her little boy, is my kinder woman.

My kinder woman is a fighter; a fighter for the freedom in me; she is a human freedom fighter; she is your Lillian Ngoyi -Albertina Sisulu kinder woman. That’s my woman! This woman wants me out of apartheid lifestyle.

My kinder woman whooped the demon out of my bum; she understood that am old but found an alternative way of casting the devil out of me- my kinder woman spoke the thorny truth to my ears.

I never saw it coming; but I am what I am because of my kinder woman. I stand firm and influence some life decisions because my kinder woman played her role. She raised me high so i can stand the mountains; the true woman of virtue. My heart got no divided doubts for this woman!


My kinder woman believes she can still kiss me in public no matter how old I get & still all good.

My kinder woman is the woman whom was disliked by my ex friends; she made me realise that am nothing without the but everything without them. I was only young when I’d say she’s a pain in the but because I wanna please my ex friends. She fought the most challenging stage of my life which is future shaping to most of us; my kinder woman battled peer pressure.


My kinder women: Their ululations made feel king when I walked down the aisle of success; they get out of their way to see me achieving.

Cutting it doesn’t mean am done talking about my kinder woman. I have whole lot more to say about my kinder woman.

I know the difference between a blue and white lie because she’d lie to me for the right reasons; God forgave my kinder woman for her white lies, but they sit well with me coz I felt better as a kid and it’s still all good.

I have much respect; love and all sorts of noble feelings for these kinder woman in the world. They’re just… words can express what I mean. They’re everything Heaven man!



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