Month: April 2017


Whether we are aware of our deeds or not, the end results are inevitable. They will be transparently apparent, without our permission nogal. Kore ke one of those ‘You like it or not, deal with me’ kinder situations. Failure to take critical heed, mostly with the not so positive acts, to such situations might lead one’s life deeper into the similar direction; However, being cognizant of the outcomes and polishing on them might heighten the blossoming in a copious manner. It is therefore to essential to live a self-monitored life, unlike living haphazardly.

The ladies and gentlemen who are in the wellness & fitness fraternity will agree with this piece, in that their industry is the most sensitive in terms of what they eat. They become extra careful in what goes into their body and the aimed results are determined by the “Strict diet” among other factor.  I applaud their way of handling temptations by avoiding the most delicious, but covertly or even overtly junk, meals to the masses.

Just “You are what you eat” i reckon we are what we do. it is equally important to assess ourselves as we go on about this life journey. Well, it is encouraged already that we need to think before we act, which is a great motive to life. Additionally, i think it is also vital to run a post-obit test on what we’ve thought of before having engaged in. It might sound unnecessary, but i think a monitored life will help many of us to identify and know our strong and weak-points as individuals. It’s more like diarizing the weekly activities. This ensures not only that you never get forget what’s due to you, but also for record keeping. Next-time you see someone with a journal, be inspired and stop thinking kuthi they think they’re better. Possibly, if we had to jot down our activities and their results, i can put my head on the block to predict that it was unlikely for us to repeat the same mistakes in life.

In as much as it is important for us to introspect for the future sake, the same technique will add value to our lives if we do it being honest to the inner soul. The resting moment of the day, which is lying the head on the pillow to go for sleep/rest is, hypothetically, the moment of intra-personal communication. It is, in most cases the moment of truth if the subconscious and conscious self is drawn together to facing reality with the mission of being a better being come the start of the new moon. Here is how we can Assess ourselves:

  1. Think of yourself without other people in mind

As we get and filter external motivation, we should not forget that we have the capability to motivate ourselves. How is can this be achieved? Do not get this wrong and confuse it with Pride, for pride is a sin. As we apply self-motivation let’s enjoin the self not start bragging aloud about the accolades and seek credit externally. Batho ba rata attention watseba mara. Let’s not start preaching about our achievements to other people, actions will speak volumes and we will be accredited where due. However, do not expect people to give you any credit. If it is not given, then we know that we have silently gave ourselves a pad. Expectations are dangerous to oneself.

OK, it is quiet simple to restore self-motivation. First things first: Reflect on who you are and where you from. Travel back the journey that brought you to where you are now. Check every little thing, be it bitter, sour and sweet that you have withstood. Think of the ethical risks you took in order to earn your spot. Dammit, you are a hard worker. You have championed storms, you have emerged victorious in hopeless situations. You made it on your own without cutting corners. Your story can motivate millions of hopeless aspiring souls out-there. Yes there is someone out-there who believe that it is impossible to breakthrough when one is embedded in certain situation. It is until they hear how you made it that will restore their hopes.

We go around looking and digging for motivations. It is good to get external motivations. On another dimension, it is important to be heedful of the fact that we have intra-personal motivation curbed within us. We just need to take a reverse trip to where we once were and booom there we have it. Our yesterday are meant to inspire us today and our todays are meant to motivate our tomorrow. I mean if other people can be motivated, both directly and indirectly, by our stories, then what is impossible for us to listen to our stories and motivate ourselves. Do you ever wonder why people meditate?- to be reminded of certain things. You too need to remind yourself of who you are, where you’ve been and what you aspiring to be. It can be achieved through self-assessment.

You are a champ. You over came situations which required your to make critical decisions and you choose what seemed like the narrow jungly path. Think of it like this: Your peers took a different direction and they tried persuading you into their mirage navigated routes, but dammit you denied the “Goodies” which were temporary and accepted your situation while striving to better it. Look at you now, think of some of the tough decisions you made in rebelling to the persuasion.

2. Think of yourself and your people

Kuthiwa Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu. Let’s just be mindful of the word “I..” as we stand tall to give a speech of achievement. We do not live in isolation. One way or the other there was and there is someone out there who contributed towards you being where you are. Yes, you might have done the dirtiest hard labor, but never forget your people. Without people you are just a vacuum for a human-being. It is through other people, who might seem absent and never doing enough at the time that we emerge victorious. These pillars of our strength need not be forgotten as we assess ourselves. Just so you thought you are boss, be reminded that you wouldn’t have made it to that interview if it wasn’t for that malome Taxi Driver.

These are people who have sacrificed for us to be where we are. Bullets have been taken for us in order to drift swiftly through to our designation. I call it “humanterian” like Sibusiso Leope would say. Nelson Mandela wouldn’t have made it to be a noble man on his own. He sure has fellow cadres, family and friends whom shielded him as he slides through his journey. Our president wouldn’t be dubbed as corrupt if he didn’t have his cronies in the high posts protecting him. Through the self-evaluation, it is important to bring to mind our people. It might seem as though we are independent and might not need them no more, be without our loyal people we ain’t nothing. Such people are an inspiration to our journey. We need to understand that they added value to our craftmanship. We shall never cease to embrace them.

It was never an easy journey, and these individuals were just present as pillars to strengthen us up Against All Odds of the journey. It is therefore worth featuring these external forces to our evaluation. Although the ultimate prize is crowned solely on us as individuals, but we must be reminded that we are together with these amazing human-beings in it. Through the hardships when we were hopeless, these individuals were there to restore our hope and faith, these individuals were present to provide what is possible. These individuals are still standing by us even after the wolves has taken off the sheep skins and we are left with dropped jaws.

It will be an unforgivable act to forget to mention this individuals (Family, Friends, Spouses, abo Bae, members of the community etc.) as we render that vote of thanks speech. It’s more like a speaker who does not acknowledge their audience as after giving a keynote address; dude what the hell? This is a sign that no matter how intelligent we may appear to be, we are nothing without the people within our circle. Do not be shy to give acknowledge your enemy or that stranger who was once rude at you. They too added value to make you a stronger individual that you are today.


3. Think and acknowledge your blunders too

Change is for those who are ready to grow. If it wasn’t for your mistakes, which i believe came as a lesson to, you would’ve long given up. I believe that we are courageous now because of the mistakes that we once got into. The mistakes are there to remind us that we have strong and weak points in life. The weak points are not meant to drag us down, while the strong points need to be polished time and again.

The importance of blunders exist to prove to us that there is no such a thing as “Perfect”. Think of how many times you have slipped and you bounced back and you soldiered on. That on it’s own shows that you have what it takes to get things done. Do you ever wonder why they ask about your weak points in the interviews? Dare you lie and say you’re a clean perfect individual, and kiss that post goodbye. It is fine to have blunder, the interest is what do they mean to you and it is without them that we wouldn’t know our point of expertise. So as we assess the self, it is important to acknowledge these blunders, embarrassing as they might be, they are worth featuring in the assessment of the self.


We must however, not confuse our flaws with all these funny staff that we get ourselves into. Remeber when you couldn’t pronounce ‘Photosynthesis’ and you became a laughing stock? Listening to you know addressing Mr Smith in the simplest comprehensive version of his mother tongue, to some extend you even go deeper into confusing him in his own terrain. That’s what i am talking about. I am talking mistakes that ignited the burning fire in us to envy and persist to thrive and master a certain thing. I mean we can’t be talking about how someone sold their soul in exchange of outfit, drinks or money a mistake; Never! Desperation doesn’t even qualify to describe such immoral, unethical, nefarious act! To me such are just results of being tempted into the visible fashion things which can be outdated in a snap of a finger. Such deeds which might be excused for blunders are for those cowards who thinks they cannot make it without getting dirty; and it is obviously because they didn’t know their Worth. Oops, you can’t reminiscence on such “Blunders” and laugh your lungs out. How do you call bending for someone in order to score grades or liquor a mistake ruri?? But hey, because you are determined to change, we welcome you the world of faith. The world of optimism. It is through your story that our future generations won’t trap their souls in regretful acts.


Reflect at your mistake and understand that you have improved; that you were always all the time a fighter. It is through acknowledging this mistakes that you’d defeat fear of the unknown. It is by accepting your mistakes that you will keep pushing and persisting towards your mission and vision. Such mistakes reminds you of your worth and never shall you settle in a pig’s dean if you are assessing yourself on the basis of the mistakes and the lessons entailed therein! It is because of this blunders that we know cherish the future.


In summation, I believe kuthi sweetness wouldn’t taste so good if it wasn’t for bitterness, peace wouldn’t feel so peaceful if it wasn’t for struggle; joy would not be so joyous if we knew nothing about pains and sadness.




Photo: Will Masemola can account.

Before we get into it, let us unpack the title of this extraordinary compilation. According to the Thesaurus the term Archetypes entails the following:

1. the original pattern or model from which all things of the same kind are copied or on which they are based; a model or first form; prototype.
2. (in Jungian psychology) a collectively inherited unconscious idea,pattern of thought, image, etc., universally present in individual psyches.

This is a pure example that the authentic art of sound has no expiry date. This are no typical sounds; To me this is a series of hidden tales which the world might try all it wants to interpret it, but i believe the compiler is the best relevant man to best interpret it. However, as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow corroborated; the art of music is a universal language therefore this presentation speaks volumes to me as an individual and as such if it lands in fertile ears, it sure will ignite some sparkling feelings on from the toes to the head.


This compilation dates back to 18 June 2012. It gets mellower with time. Just like wine/whisky in an barrel, to me the date gives this masterpiece of bars value as it get’s older. It gets better with years.

This what “The Archetype” means to the psyche Mr. Masemola:

“It describes distinct concepts or thought patterns in any scientific discipline or other epistemological context. A a universally understood pattern of behavior, a prototype upon which beings base life upon. Archetypes are often tales, allow me to narrate my tales.”
Warning: Will is a psyche as it is entailed in the description, your mind, soul or spirit might be blown away but it’s worth it!
“Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends.”- Alphonse de Lamartine. I have no further words to describe this presentation, for that reason i will allow the music do the talking.
Allow the inner self to relax and indulge the sense in this sacred voyage. Follow this link the to your sacred voyage. Cheers:




Work for it; earn it, and deserve it along with the benifts therein.

Bend for it; bribe for it and be haunted by the memories of its benefits instead of holding the flag of championing the assignment. Reality will humbly remind your conscious conscience about your shaming defeat.

We all are made happy by what we’ve worked hard for- in a legal systemized lawful acceptable way. It gets nicer with the many challenges that we’ve championed. Remember a say: “Easy come; easy go”?. But because it came no easier less than the respiratory process; goddamit the feeling is “yeaaaaahh”.

Gain it illegally and remain terrified. Not that you’d be arrested for it- but that where will your value and dignity stand as an individual. Embarrassment is normal among human-beings and it sure ain’t a good feeling. The outcomes are moral boosters or destroyer. Usually, destroyed morals are those whom are controlled and reliable on another external factors. These are morals who took the illegal path tryna bridge life. They’re never at liberty as they’re someone’s wrist pet. Think of blackmail, yeah right because someone did something in a negative way; such info is detrimental to the outcomes and the dignity let alone the respect.

Our gorgeous looking sisters are not that proud about looking slizzy as a result of compromising their souls through giving the sacred cookie. Hence doing it for such a transition is self demeaning and demoralizing. But the confidence in those who worked for that outfit their “Slay” is not as loud; but the smile and feel in their eyes is deeper than ooh Lawd; What’s that word!

Work for it or bribe for it then enslave yourself. You will be tossed as a coin; wait a predictable remote control even. My infants won’t celebrate me my success if I gained it through robberies and hurting other people, neither is my future wife. Think of how your future hubby will make of you as the mother of his kids to hear that you were a one night stander to earn certain things in your life, to learn that you touched the floor to scoop that position! Sies mann eewww; I rather die single or poor with happiness to myself and those next of me. Trying will be enough but rigging the system won’t bring equivalent joy to most lives.


How is it possible that you can look at the memory box of picture and see yourself in a regalia that you robbed yourself? That you sold a priceless non-replaceable part of your life to those in ‘power’. Ooh but because the morals turned into immortality for you, you might pride yourself for taking your down your panties down for the SAKE of it: That five minutes, “only three laps” for that moment only is capable of crashing your whole life and redirect it. This is temporary turning into unplanned permanent, contextually Lebronny refers to it as a Life Time event!

Shout to all those who graduated this Autumn and the past not forgetting those who are yet to grad. We can’t shame those who cheated the system, but reality will in the long run, hit the nerve. It will humbly humble you.

Remember: You’re doing it for your self; hence when you’re cheating the system, it’s embarrassingly become a secrete with hope that it’s never unknown. Remember those who are for righteous harmless beliefs are priding them and they get broadcasted; but the evil are hidden and believed to be exercised in the darkness. Take your soul as a belief or whatever religious phenomenon and ask yourself if you’d in any way opt to preach and practice it publicly in the light to do it during the night and be scared of shame that might emerge if darkness fades away suddenly.

Sleeping with bread and peanut butter is sure feels happier than waking up with “English” top notch breakfast with someone you indirectly sold your soul to. Someone you know you ain’t gonna see, call or introduce with pride unless they call you to come provide the services. They never cease to persuade- it’s not a trainsmash to them afterall, it’s a lifestyle. I swear those earrings dress ya ko Makuleng makes that woman whose boyfriend bought after budgeting for it, than that from Lacoste after being used as a temporary sexual object.

DESERVE IT (wanting it before you afford it. Duma dilo txa batho); EARN IT(through shortcuts) & WORK FOR IT (nurse the embarrassment in the secret).

It’s a choice; it’s personal but no matter how modest we are about it to the external world, it remains with us and the Internal man in us!



Photo: Fumani Khoza. “It is our choice to follow already established trails or establish our own. It is never forced unto us which direction to go, we dive in because it is a choice. It is by choice that we know when to stop and say NO”- Lebronny

“Its the choices we make in this times of our lives” sang Kathy Brown in one of my favorite tracks by The Layabouts. It is after i have looked in the mirror one morning while preparing for the day rush, that i had the song playing imaginary in my mind. I could not ignore such sparks in my mind. I had put my mind to it, and i ruminated on the thought of it. Like one lecturer in my days said; an inquisitive mind leads into a prudent life. It is through intra-questioning that we become aware of who we are among other things. My question as an outcome of that weird moment which came out of nowhere was:  “What drives our choices as human-beings”?! *Sigh* 

Cognizant or not, we live because we make decisions. It is an inescapable routine of this life. Although we at times choose to ignore some of them, but every step of life we take are in most cases driven by a choice. It is after a certain choice of driving, engaging into a sexual activity, smoking etc, that an accident, which might exist for a lifetime, occur as a result. Choice are a natural way going hand-in-glove with decisions that are a sign of life in human-beings. Hence we can recall about our so called “Bad and good” choices that we’ve ever made in our life. This very choices makes us wanna develop and grow into better beings or never to repeat the same mistakes. However, it is when we chose to neglect the signs of our actives cautious minds that we end-up falling into an endless dark pit of thorns.

It is by choice that we know when to set limits; it is because we are aware of the situations that we know if it is safe or risky to continue. It is all by choice that wake-up and grind. A helpless slouched man ignored the fact that he had a CHOICE so stop or say NO to alcohol at his disposal. Don’t be that man!

In the light of this concept, it is due to knowing and understanding who we really are, our mission, vision and goals in this life that we can and will make informed choices. The contrary is will result in being sorry and consoling ourselves for having taken wrong choices. It is only during our fundamental stages in this world that we are guided into doing and not certain things. Our guardians knows what is good for our upbringing and what is not. But gradually as we grow, being mindful of the wrong and the good of/to our lives, we are able to make our own decisions. In countless cases, this is the stage where we are at stake of drowning into life’s fiery pit. We turn to think that we are now in charge, we got thing under-control. Little do we know that we got shit under control. Hence many of us look back at our past missteps and shed some tears of regret.

We continue to live reckless, ratchet life and console ourselves with “YOLO”; Do we really know our worth, the gift and purpose of this life?.

You are an asset, not only to your family which is hopeful in you, but probably to the world and its socio-economic phase. Should we take heed of our worth in this word, we will might then start making astute choices. We will know where and when to draw a line. We will never be merciless about uttering “NO” to what our conscience disapprove. Knowing our worth, is understanding that it is important to treasure ourselves into the sacred box. It is never an easy task of-course, but it is worth it. We will not only be mocked by the masses on the bases of the social status quo, but we will get a feeling of being in a vacuum space; we will feel like we incarcerated ourselves at some time. But eventually, such will become a lifestyle on which we adapt to. It is only difficult to out-stand this stage because we know the other tastes of life, which is covertly junk to our lifestyle. We are aware from the onset of lifting a glass of liquor, doing it without a rubber, serial cheating etc. that we must anticipate and never be shocked when the results are what they’re ought to be! But because we “are only human” we continue to swallow only junk food and obese ourselves until such time that somethings is diagnosed and the doc recommends us to join The Biggest Loser (If you know what i mean).

We made it a primary choice to ignore our proactive state and went for the active part of it. Even though we are aware of that our deeds are totally astray, we continue to engage anyway…we continue to make that fruitless choice. We engage in such acts because there are some deceiving temporary yearnings which need to be nourished. We blindfold the ourselves against the long-term version of life- The future. Do we really know our worth? It is through archiving some pieces of art or even wine that gains them their worth. The longer they are caged, the heavier they get to worth. It is that artists or wine master’s CHOICE to keep them for a certain period, for their WORTH’s sake!

Because we are excelling in justifying our miscues, we always find some lousy words to justify our blunder yet we continue to commit the same indiscretions. This is for those who got lucky to getaway with it of course, but for those who had to live with the consequences for their lifetime is non-justifiable. Are such people who are the most honest creatures on earth in telling stories of change. It is until we personally meet an HIV/AIDS, ex-con, paralyzed among other unfortunate individuals, that we are reminded of our worth. It is until we hear a story of a remorseful adult orphan that we know what to make out of parent’s advice. But such reality does not last long, because we have the world to please and our dignity, reputation, worth and value to propel!

It is all because of the CHOICES that we make in this times of our lives; It is guided by knowing our worth and understanding what we are designated to be. It is by personal CHOICE to go to North when friends ask us to; we should not blame no one for the outcomes. We are rational about such. We ain’t toddlers who are coached because they are not aware yet. We are grown-up who are out and about. We should never blame friends for buying us fat-cakes if we lively made a choice to say YES. Just like it a gardener’s choice to see the beautiful flowers everyday, it is therefore his duty without being compelled, to water the garden.

I shall leave it here. We only know ourselves and growth will direct us into what we think we designated to be in this life.


“Every person has free choice. Free to obey or disobey the Natural Laws. Your choice determines the consequences. Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices.”- Alfred A. Montapert