Mellowdeep- Flowless


Photo: Supplied by Mellowdeep

As we grow old, it’s essential to find ourselves. By finding ourselves i mean identify matters of gratification to the self. Such findings do not come as easy finger snapping. They come after an in-depth assessment of the inner self. When such an assessment is completed, we are likely to identify the true self. That is a curving point where one will then live their life doing what matters most to the inner self than the world. Since life is dynamic, we of course go through stages of navigating parts of the life cycle before we can find ourselves.

On this month’s Voyage, we feature a brother who’s musical choice is out of this universe. This is one rare gentle brother that i found my ears glued to his selections and damn, my soul went on a spiritual journey. It was on that day that i found myself in music. The persona was thrilled and adamant about such a choice. His selection were and continue to be way too personal, thus my nerve was moved when i heard this gratification need. He selects melodies comprising of nature feel, his sounds are somewhat religious. This is the of kind music that  one listens and be at complacency with how things are. I get to listen to this music and appreciate the gift of life and abort complaining about the supplements of this life.

On this note, the captain in control is none other than Tshepang Moatshe known as Mellowdeep taking us on a second sacred voyage. To me Mellow is indeed Mellow and deeper than the word deep. I respect this brother who happens to be a mentor not only musically but on a general life spectrum. He’s music got me wondering about his braveness. Braveness in a sense that he’s been consistent about this hallowed tunes throughout his archives. Such tunes portray stories of peacefulness, contentment, belief, natural power, love, spirituality, satisfaction among other profound feels within oneself. However, the aforementioned factors requires crucial introspection and one might not feel them until such time they don’t find playing in the rain as childishness.

Obviously Mellow conveys personal anecdotes in a form of music notes. Here is what Mellow had to say about his music:

“All my mix-tapes were/are inspired by true events and experiences encountered in my life. I came to the realization that the only permanent thing in the world is change; in the river water is always flowing; you can’t step on the same place twice neither does lightening strike the same place twice. The same principles are applicable in real life hence i choose to record emotions, feelings felt and events experienced in my life through music. I also believe that music is a spiritual realm and can guide us in our everyday life, heal us, find peace within the inner-self, grow spiritually, chant, joy, love, sadness and care. Music is everything and beyond. Amen!”.

Substantially, listening to Mellow’s music as he has alluded, for a second you’d feel like you’re in a jungle with happy birds, bees and other singing animals. The river, breeze effects will indeed get you sailing in a wind powered boat going in a directions that matters less. His sense of vocal selection will take one’s mind from a roaring chant to the softness tender care let alone love. Wholly the music reflects on reality it is as emotional as he stipulates.

Here is a ticket to and from the sacred voyage captained by Mellowdeep:

Cleansen your soul and mind, conceptualize your world and allow Mellowdeep to sail your emotions through this sacred sounds. Enjoy, cheers.


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