My music story and the importance of music I chose.


There’s a point where the music starts speaking and the soul feels like the supernatural spirits are talking to the inner man. The self engage with the subconscious man inside and the conscious self is concealed and are such hazy phase of the exterior self that we see and value the gift of life. The stage where you find normal in strangeness and you see abnormal in what’s deemed usual to the majority.

The fear of the unknown has escaped it’s temporary spot within the self. You become one with what was the divided self; the self of the world & the natural persona. We fail to unbare pretendance of pleasing the external world at the cost of the inner authentic guy. Yeah…the “fok it phase” has kicked down through the bloody door of: fear, fitting in, what if, I can’t achieve it, I don’t deserve it, am not worth it…kinder lifestyle. The door of self doubtness.

The fall of such a door opened what seems like an a loophole of paralysis & isolation nature from the circle of your people. You’re ready to loose whatever that can’t bare the real self. You don’t give a damn any more. Ukuthi bathini doesn’t affect your life and It’s mission any more. You’re doing you; you realised, after a long time, matters of the heart, and took seroous components and elements that are of tantamount value to the self peace and happiness. You no longer seek unauthorized approvals and permission from an external party in order to engage in an activity that is self driven and adds joy to your inner little man inside! No; never again! You no longer belittle yourself. The self is intra-dependant. It’s the X axis of the graph which is life. While the world is the Y axis of the graph. Life is dependant of the self which is the X axis.

You’re in control of life. You’re genuinely free than the partial South African freedom lol hahaha. This is when you ofcourse realise that this world is made up of ALL THESE THINGS the light & dark and all the breeze. Ola Kuni. A phase in life where you are unapologetic about being you for you’ve seen serious power in that of the nature than that of the visible material world. You’re in charge and you shall be happily ever after finding this part of the self. The self that plays what the self needs without thinking fearfully about what the external party will perceive and draw of such end product.

A self where you don’t feel the need to be paid for playing because you’re doing it for happiness sake; it’s your heart desire. Where you play publicly what you play in your bedroom. You are not even scares of the criticism, hence you still sticked by that particular genre sounds even after you’ve been criticized for choosing it. Wait! Those melodies chose you and they’re one element of your life cycle and them escaping you is detrimental to the survival of the self. It’s compromising matters of the heart. It’s biological affiliation!

I am Lebron and I play what I like; I play what aligns to my life. I play what I call a chosen soundtrack of my life as I protaginize this life series. The music that adds a sense of interest to my life if it were to be a book. The sounds which caters and redefine sadness; the harmonious sound that outlines that joy wouldn’t feel so good if it wasn’t for pain, peace wouldn’t feel so peaceful if it wasn’t for struggle. That sound that makes you appreciate the little things you have and work with what you have to be what you aspire to be. Improvise is the word. That sound that makes you find joy and fun in the quietness and darkness such that when light and sound comes, they’re just complementary to your life it’s self.


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