The SACRED VOYAGE: God Blue Cruise


Photo_Lebronny: In layman terms, winter is regarded as a mating season among the human kingdom. Every normal human-being needs some warmth. We got a brother warming our winter in a harmonious sacred voyage.

It is through these music that some of us get to embrace love, peace and happiness as we acknowledge sadness and the coldness of this bittersweet world. We appreciate the sunlight yet brace ourselves for the inevitable darkness. For winter warmer, we feature some tunes with a touch of warmth and spikes of love nyana so. The voyager is taking us on a chosen route which will sure see us reaching a warmer destination.

Here is our Voyager’s anecdotes relating to his music journey:

“Mlungisi Mlambo, (aka God Blue), born in Pietermaritzburg, lawyer by profession, but captured by music and all other interesting form of art. I have always had soft spot for music other than one usually played by commercial radios. Even during the times of compilations, I would pick songs that never received easy attention of masses. This led to me wanting to collect single tracks, as compilation did not meet my expectations.

The above is not a new habit cos when I grew up, I was exposed to less likened music (non-commercial) as I had an uncle who used to collect lovely records, Mxolisi who has since passed, may his soul rest in peace. It was never the end of a story as also at times when visiting relatives, in particular Bab Radebe, a conductor of PMB Choral Society, at Imbali Location where my nephews and nieces used to jam to what is termed now Old Skool my interest in music got to a greater heights.

Then above all there is my older brother Webster has highly influenced my taste of music, as he is one of my respected collectors, he managed to introduce me to music which I have grown up to collect.

Then some of my crazy friends I have met in music family, and have been part of my shaping in this form of art, Nsizwa, Mtoffy, Jiks, Timon Pumba, June, Trev the Japanese, Sphe, Gazie  etc.  just to mention the few as the list is endless.

So I did not choose to play this sound but it chose me, cos that is how I have been living. I am used to collecting and play the music varying from House, Soul, RnB, Neosoul, Trip Hop, Old Skool, Jazz, Nujazz, lounge and probably everything that flirt with my ear.

I got drawn to music art when my late friend, brother and a partner Mdu realised the love of music we had and we looked at what can we do differently as opposed to masses clubbing then, and we identified deephouse as an under explored music scene, so we started doing picnic events focused at this but when we were not doing events, my love for other kinds of good music got me interested to collect and relax with.

IT is the same sound that introduced me to some of like-minded friends, they started referring to me as collector, until I met Trev the Japanese, who then encouraged me to play in gigs as a collector, I have played in Avant Garde, Global Select and some highly respected events. I have also played along Rich Medina, Jazz & Milk, Jazzinsoul as an opening collector

I do believe that I was born with taste of music I like in me, and every music journey I take I just get to cloud nine. Music heals me when I feel down, or I am overwhelmed.

When I go to events, I like the opening features of that gig provided it’s something that I like.

I never used to make tapes until recently when Jazzinsoul insisted that I make a mix for Ol’Tymers and the rest is history.

I used to like playing for my few friends when we have something or we are chilling but then some of people that have met me through music have asked that I me to record some mixes for them, something I didn’t take seriously until recently when Jazzinsoul insisted on doing a mix for Ol’Tymers Session.

Now we are here, but at times it is difficult to keep up with this hobby due to demanding needs of my work and life, but I haven’t abandoned or have such intentions in the near future

Let the music talk….”

Let’s indulge our listening senses into the warmth melodies which will probably, if the trick is well applied by individual listeners, soothe away the winter conditions.

From Lebronnyconcepts, we say cuddle-up aaaaaand Let’s ride on. Below is your cruise tag, do enjoy the trip, cheers:


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