Photo: Lebronnyconcepts: “Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us”- Samuel Smiley.

For there is the sky and the earth; It’s inevitable that there shall be cultivation and harvest season. But someone gotta do the dirty ground work for the waters of the sky to be effective when the flood gates of heaven open up. Someone gotta prepare the potential farming plot for productive future sake. Hence the plants bear us different quality and quantity of fruits. The effort, patient, passion and determination of each and every farmer (the individual being) serves as the soil type and what has been done to fertilize the soil during the dry season.

  • For there is the moon & the sun; There is the dawn as well as the dusk, there’s ought to be the beginning and the epilogue in the allocated period on earth.

It might seem as though we are chasing the mirage and we will never get there. Truth is, one of the good days the mirage shall disappear out of our sight. Although the winter dusk may feel long, but it is an inescapable fact that there has to be a new dawn. It will be a New day, a New dawn and you might feel good and better than the previous dusk. You might sing along with understanding to Mme. Nina Simone’s

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me.
Yeah, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me, ooooooooh…
And I’m feelin’ good“.

  • For the existence of the darkness & sunlight; There shall be rejoicing as the light beams through and fades the darkness out.

Just as the sunflower becomes lively to the sun, when the bee buzz with joy over a colorful flower nectar. Our sorrow of dark days shall be buried when the smiley sunny day kicks in. Summon in mind that some days are not as bright as others, they’re might instead be misty and cloudy, therefore do not let your expectation lead you through your journey. Instead, lead your expectation considering that if they’re in the forefront, expectations might turn inimically to the primary imagination thus resulting in draining setback. The emotional blacklist will threaten us, hopefully as a visitor. The latter state is not the promise land. Through persistent and endurance, we shall make it to the brighter days, we shall gaze to the blue skies where hangs the sun and we shall rejoice in the sunny days.  There is the promise land for us if we don’t hold ourselves back in the dark days or feed the darkness to expand. The promise land requires us to continue sailing and we shall see the beams at the end of the loops. Rest in peace Mr Martin Luther King Jr. your lesson has opened minds and surely instilled hope in every aspect of life and it’s challenges.

  • For there is rain & the ultimately rainbow; Beauty shall be the ultimate experience after an unjustifiable stormy period.

Bare in mind that the rainbow is not guaranteed after every showers. Therefore don’t allow your expectations be as programmed, allow them to be flexible enough leave you in awe surprise you when you least expect them. When the rainbow don’t show-up, it doesn’t mean it will never show-up. Just be reminded of the rare days when it popped out and you knew the rain has come to an end. Let those memories to remind you, as they paint an image of peace and harmony, of the better days. Don’t get me wrong, thinking of the better days and drawing of expectations are totally different things. Thinking of the better days is being optimistic and positive that the rain will one unknown day cease. That’s recognizing, acknowledging and being hopeful of the ongoing deeds. Conceiving the idea of a better tomorrow, is being hopeful. Commanding the notion of how the unforeseen situation is expecting too damn much and it might turnout disappointing when the future don’t comply to your standards.

  • For the worm is born, a butterfly will certainly emerge.

We are have to undergo metamorphosis process. We shall hatch and crawl like the helpless worm, but eventually we’ll fly in colors like that butterfly in the spring colorful days. We can’t be flying on the onset. Just like a butterfly, it might seem ugly as a crawling worm, but when it makes it out of the crawling stage, it’s a wowing species. Yes the re will be crawling days in our destination. They are not defaulted to permanently reign upon us. We had what it takes to break out of the shell but that was not the end of it as we also had to toddle. For we are dynamic and not stagnant beings, we will phase-out of this creeping state and turn like a butterfly. Our current efforts will determine the colorant of the butterfly that we will turn into. We might be crawling dusty and in dull colors, but it doesn’t really matter for it is not permanent on us as caterpillars. It might only start to matter if and when we chose to sustain the dusty dull color and it becomes perpetual on us as butterflies.

In a nutshell, life is operates like a see-saw. One minute we are down then the next minute we’re floating. We however float temporarily and inconsistently in both situation. The tears will flow down sometime in our life; but they are bound to dry up. For every hardship there is an alternative opposite feel. However, on the one hand, the smooth feel doesn’t last long if not watered like domestic plants. While on the other hand, one decision might keep the rough patch being lengthy and itching.


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