Photo_Emmanuel Mphago: From the ground standpoint, the world looks narrow, but from the floating stand point, the world is broader than imagined. The serendipity rare view of the world is breath taking than what we see and feel on the ground.

Life is beautiful as we progress through different point, it’s sure becomes monotonous if we get stagnant. It’s a discovery journey which every mistake counts for the better if it is perceived as a lesson upon the encoding process. It however get to a point where we ultimately want to stick to certain discoveries for they are somewhat a perfect match to our life, and we shall nurture revelations in a way that we become too curios and dig deeper into the findings matching our life. Such commitments with the discoveries are a result of happiness. The likelihood of dissatisfaction is running amok searching and googling for the missing happiness piece of puzzle. Musically, we shall meet our destination, and we shall dwell on our musical discoveries. We shall therefore seek more of what makes us happy.

Here is our Voyager’s musical memoir:

“It’s ok; every situation is just okay as it presents itself” alluded the Emmanuel Mphago bynamed Paxdee. I have been sailing through life hunting for a spot at which i can settle and settle for no mediocre as per my personal needs- self-satisfaction. I have tested and tasted various situations of this life, but nothing compares to what i share on Lebronnyconcepts. This piece entails a lot of personal hidden emotions, which my words alone are not enough to express. Despite the coincidence that it’s been recorded on my birth month (July), this piece says a lot about me; A lot that many people are familiar with. This is the content Pax.

I have been so many places, i’ve seen so many things, above all i have heard so many things and it was never an easy voyage, as my friend (Lebron) would say, of discoveries a place where i find EVERYTHING TO BE OK. To me, this music interpret the situations in a deserving manner. This symphonies comes as we age up to a point where we stop complaining and adapting to how things are instead. This music i select is heavenly and i am of the belief that it bring to one state the ability to hear the spirits from within. I mean i’d find myself sitting in the dark introspecting and appreciating everything i have without comparing to what i do not have. As i floating tuning to the similar pieces conveyed on this cruise, i understood that i have nothing to complain about, all these times i had such precious music signaling to me kuthi dintho si si’ame but i couldn’t get it.

So EVERYTHING IS OK, i interpret. There’s a piece somewhere in this cruise that corroborate and inspire my “Everything is just ok” motto. This music a hoped giver, a friend, and it disciplines. From me to as the captain of this yacht, am saying do not buckle-up, rather sit back loose and allow the music to take you where the inner man wants to connect with the spirits” .

It’s what it is, i need not say me. The yacht shall lead us to a sacred space. The captain had his world conceptualized and it is indeed sacred. As we take off, one of South Africa’s greatest pianist, Nduduzo Makhathini, who i have unreserved respect for once said: “The music we play should reflect the people we are, the time we are in and the environment we live in…”.

From Lebronnyconcepts we say let’s allow Captain Mphago’s to voyage us through his reflections, grab a cruise tag and sail into The Sacred Voyage, cheers:


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