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Relax; Take it easy.


In life there are people to whom we look up to. To who we allude from in shaping our lives. These are individuals who in/directly, because of their current situations, embolden us into crafting our destined goals.

Yes, it’s a good thing to be inspired. But it’s totally delicate to pressurize oneself because of misinterpreting mentor’s formula that resulted in their current situation. Hence the importance of history in life.  If as a people we initially understand the person’s historical framework, where are they coming from- where are they heading to- how did they get to point X,  we shall then affably operate without unnecessary strains. Acknowledge your mentor journey rather than just their ultimate commodity.

Don’t relay with your mentor’s techniques of  procuring. Instead, observe, learn and capture the essential part of everything.  However, don’t blur the focus. Utilize the acquired lessons in your favor to enhance your life. Blend the little lessons with your life and work on bettering yourself. Never intend to be your mentor. Do you; be you; allow external inspiration uplift you at your own pace; mimic but don’t work on being your mentor.

We turn a blind eye on footprints as people, we shift our focus beyond the trails rather than the journey itself. We praise too much of the blossoms and turn a blind eye on the “HOW” of it. We need to meticulously take into consideration the HOW part- that’s were there is real motivation/inspiration that may incline well with our current life situations. It might be of astonishing result to know that our mentors were not thinking about what they have now, when they were at our level as their mentees. We are even privileged to have the confident mindset as a result of their existence. Chances are, they might’ve been ordinary people with ordinary ideas or even worse when they were at our age. Some of their accolades were never part of their contemplative.

Let’s not miss a point of inspiration. The latter can pressurize us to an extend that we aim at entirely mimicking our mentors, who were once normal young individuals, in their current state. Don’t try to be Will Smith in your 18 years zone, Relax. Let’s learn from all those who inspire us but never try to be them. There was only one Mandela, Mohammed Ali and there is only one you. Chances are our tutors were once ordinary beings, until a certain time where they found reflection that sharpened their thinking. So nathi we are at the ordinary level manje, identifying a mentor is one positive move. There’s time where we will start thinking ordinarily provided our relations with the mentors.

You time will come; in the meantime just acquire motivation and courage, and try to enact on the lessons learnt. Take it easy on yourself though; don’t strain yourself. It will only be possible if you acknowledge that you’re yet to get there and never compare your now situation with your mentor situation.





When situations seem futile, focus and remain persistent until you shine light unto them.

From one dimension, life may be perceived a barren, but from a spectrum of flexible approaches, there is always a ray to shine through. Its the kind of approach, this include to patiently set and act upon alternative angles towards life, that can change the cycle culture of life.

From the conception of it, the situation may distantly look dimmed until such time that one decides to closely approach the subject put before them. I believe that there is light at the end of every situation. One needs to pull their focus instead of giving up the situation. As people, we should avoid judging the situations at face value.

It is from the above picture that i learned that we need to patiently be attentive to a situation for it to materialize as we would like it to. It took umpteen shots to capture the sunlight that at first, seemed impossible to catch- but it is through PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE that i managed to find the beautiful sun-rays lighting through.

The lesson therein, was that we need to keep trying, for unlike surrendering, we are losing nothing in our endeavors but gain and enhance our experience on how to approach matters.




Sonke siyenza ama mistakes. Our bloopers are not meant to hold us back, but meant to prepare us.

As people we unintentionally blunder more often. But what do the mistakes really mean? Mistakes are in fact lessons in hand. As active being we cannot control the act of aberration. Its undeniable that once it occurs its unchangeable, we gotta live by it.

Making peace with the fact that we have wronged is the act of improving our living habit. We should not maneuver in search of reasons to justify ama phutha wethu; neither should we search for someone to blame-ACCEPT, IMPROVE AND MOVE ON.

Making peace with our mistakes will not only liberate us from self oppression, but will be an eye opener of the choices towards preparing for the future. Learning is one of the optional choices that come with mistakes- STOP REGRETTING! Pickup your life puzzle and make a move.

Mistakes are a sign of life until they are accepted, otherwise they resemble a state of unacceptably and non-existence.  Yes there will be those few individuals who will make you feel that you have wronged, the danger part of them is that: They, if opened up to, can make you live with your wrongs instead of the strategies to rectifying those misdeeds. There are of course those people who are the mistake spotters.-MISTAKES ARE OT ETERNAL UNTIL ATTENDED TO.

This mistakes that we had and about to do, are temporary state of life. Their situations are dependent on us. Lets stop anguishing and be proactive; tackle the damn mistakes by accepting and LEARNING.



Unless you engage in life, you will remain remain a victim of grapevine about life.

Life is a viscous journey that knows no ends. As human-beings, we have our own different destination. The journey of life is acquiring lessons unfolding with the situations of life- I call them life lessons. Traveling, exploring without any fear of regrets are the elements of acquiring whatever unlimited life lessons.

There is no such thing as universal ideology. Ideologies in life, is living in different areas


Seasons come, seasons goes. Through it all- Planets are ought to blossom then produce.

Seasons come, seasons goes. Through it all-
Planets are ought to blossom then produce.

At one stage, plants are as dry as a desert. But they still stand strong throughout their dry seasons. I found this very motivating, in that obstacles are part of life but fact is they don’t last long. We often don’t see the beauty of the shrubberies during their wry period, but because of their persistence and patience, florae bombshells us while at the same time they are nourishing us with their juicy fruits of afterlife.

lebronSometimes we look at them as though they are dead, but the wonders that will come as the end product of the planets are a good sign of hope.

In life, we all start somewhere; one way or the other, there will be a dry times in our lives, but that doesn’t mean it’s a dead-end of life. Life is seasonal, what we all need is to develop patience and hope, and nurse them with deeds of prosperity.

Of course, there will be a time where we feel dry and hopeless about life and think of pulling the plug. But as we encounter the hardships, we need to bear in mind that for finish lines to exist is because there are starting lines behind them.  The hardships are a test in life and I personally conceive that everybody has the potential to pass the test, provided we all develop patience and hope of blossoming just like trees.

Lets impersonate plants that survive the seasonal conversions, let them inspire and shape us into beings with hope to life, we shall then be the bearers of our own fruits in future.

When Life takes its “U-Turns”

Nobody want to be your shoes until you on smooth walking zone!

Nobody wants to be in your shoes until you’re  on that smooth-walking zone!

We are all subjected to change,be it good or bad but we ought to change! Now,when change take it’s course in a positive direction,some people would wish that they were in those shoes,yet nobody can accept in the very same shoes if the life patterns where to be reversed!
Usually,people don’t really consider the rough-steps undergone by the “shoes of success”.Sometimes,if not always, it is not expected of life to take certain phases nor predictable towards particular directions. But it just comes with nature nje.
Change- it comes with it’s phobias. I mean you never know what’s on the other-side of life’s U-turn point,yet its not in our authority to withhold or catalize the process of CHANGE.
When life takes a U-turn,I believe that it is the time in life where as an individual you gotta do some introspection. Introspection,Yes! Because unless we getting matured in life,life’s U-turn is just a mystery. Self-examine come to play in a sense that “How matured am I?, and am I ready to adapt a live in the other side of life or am I scared of the alterations??”
Well,taking action or sitting back,life’s U-turn comes naturally,so it’s up to us to buckle-up so that we can hold on to life when change unfolds, and those are the explorer of life-people who are not of this BEAST and it’s U-turns; or let life throw you through its abandoning window, and that’s only for the cowards who expects life to remain steady!! Who are you? Are you ready to take U-turn with life??… Lebronny

Against All Odds


Keep moving,keep pushing towards your ambition against all odds that may pop-up along the route to act as buffers.

The life journey has never and there is no sign thus far of this journey turning into A..B..C format. With that being said, let’s not be misled by the saying “take everyday as it comes” but let’s change that into “let the day take you as you come”.

Life is a journey and we are the traveler, which means it is up to us to determine the touring plan. There certainly will be the ups and downs in this journey. The obstacle are not bound to discourage us, but depending on how we welcome and interpret them, it’s then that they determine how far we can travel.