Photo: Lebronny. As per the protocol policies, it is an insult to have a table standing alone without no centerpiece. In life, this centerpiece portrays the pillars of our strength as the human kingdom. Women are at the epicenter of life, in that without them and their capability of nurturing the bambinos until such time that it’s fully grown, we are non-existing.

On the South African Calendar, August is a dedicated month to celebrate women. The ninth being the official commemoration of women in particular. In its glimpse essence, this annual celebration has seen it’s existence as a result of, what i call She Champion. This is a title impose to the women whom are celebrated in that against all odds, they championed their mission or rather the march to petition against the then government (Apartheid) policies or laws that required the South Africans whom were referred to as “blacks” to carry an internal pass popularly known as dom-pass.

Like the 1956 era,Women are championing many a lot adversities in aiming to change situations from better to worse. Those who grew up in absentia of the father figure, will sure attest to the power in women. The likes of Notorious, Tupac, Lebron among other individuals, have a story to tell about the power of women. Our Women are champions, and it’s no doubt that they have their stories to tell to the ears willing to listen.

The Africa’s Che-Guevera, Honorable Thomas Isidore Noël Sankara noted the potential in women thus giving them opportunities in what was believed to be male pools, and they managed to swim across that pool.

The celebration and embracing of women should not be limited to the allocated since they form an integral part of the society’s everyday life cycle. Without women we are nothing. We are non-existed, we are unorganized without women.

To wrap the official commemoration of women, we have soldier reciting her inner sense. She is a sister, a daughter, a heroin in making, a mentor who is well mentored, she is content and she never camouflage her character; She is a Champion too:

With the ignominy by cruel males to women which was a burning issue among South Africans and probably the world,  Nelly Tefu paid tribute, and it goes something like:

“Like a pregnant female I am pregnant with

Emotions, worries and turmoil.

As I try to rest, thoughts keep desolating my spirit, as I crave a plate of freedom garnished with a touch of wise leaders and a law-abiding government for dessert.

 In the early hours of the morning in this dusty, noisy town.

 I keep tossing and turning trying to appease the little voice in the back of my head wailing for freedom.

Because when I say I am troubled I am shushed for in their eyes I am juvenile and a little rascal that is too young to feel the way that I feel, truth is age does not decree emotions. But I am troubled

I am troubled by the day…

I am troubled by the…

Turbulent water flow that…

Often leaves meander scars…

I am troubled by the racism that…

Lays heavily on my tongue,

Surely if words could kill I would be sentenced life in prison.

One race thinking they are superior to the other because of their skin color…

I am troubled by my own people that…

Seek to destroy what took many lives to achieve just for money.

 Because the freedom that was fought is now being tarnished like a dirty cloth that is now useless, give them guns and they will kill each other instead of the enemy.

 I have never seen lions of…

The same pride attack one another…

Tearing the necks of the ineffectual,

 Suddenly it’s a dog eat dog world, every man for himself, what happened to the vision of a democratic country?…

 Or was it a tactic to get more votes?…

 Free from corruption and nepotism?…

What will it take to restore peace in this country because certainly “THE RESHUFFLING” is not effective?

 Guns and knives are dictating the lives of our youth,

Not to mention drugs and alcohol.

I am troubled by my soul, will…

It ever find peace in this world of the…

Morally tainted.

 Back in the day it was a taboo for the young to die before their elders but of late…

Cemeteries feast on young blood. I am bullied by the by the world…

Troubled by Christians that judge one another…

Each disrespecting the other because they worship differently…

I am troubled by the fake smiles that make…

Dove feathered ravens look angelic…

Smiles full of words left unsaid…

I am troubled by my voice that fails to say more for there is a lot to say and share with the world, sadly…

I am troubled by things I cannot change, things that are grueling, things that slowly but surely degrading and killing the nation. We need a sober leader, a wise leader who will not conform to the patterns of pleasing the society but who will do what is right for the nation. I am troubled by drug, alcohol, teenage pregnancy, unemployment, nepotism, bribes, will they ever come to an end? They somehow feel like Braxton Hicks contractions this are the…

Things that grind my spirit to pieces with no mercy, as I try to surpass time I wonder if the world is really unbalanced or is my occipital lobe really damaged for I am a troubled soul.”


Aluta Continua bafazi!




Photo_Emmanuel Mphago: From the ground standpoint, the world looks narrow, but from the floating stand point, the world is broader than imagined. The serendipity rare view of the world is breath taking than what we see and feel on the ground.

Life is beautiful as we progress through different point, it’s sure becomes monotonous if we get stagnant. It’s a discovery journey which every mistake counts for the better if it is perceived as a lesson upon the encoding process. It however get to a point where we ultimately want to stick to certain discoveries for they are somewhat a perfect match to our life, and we shall nurture revelations in a way that we become too curios and dig deeper into the findings matching our life. Such commitments with the discoveries are a result of happiness. The likelihood of dissatisfaction is running amok searching and googling for the missing happiness piece of puzzle. Musically, we shall meet our destination, and we shall dwell on our musical discoveries. We shall therefore seek more of what makes us happy.

Here is our Voyager’s musical memoir:

“It’s ok; every situation is just okay as it presents itself” alluded the Emmanuel Mphago bynamed Paxdee. I have been sailing through life hunting for a spot at which i can settle and settle for no mediocre as per my personal needs- self-satisfaction. I have tested and tasted various situations of this life, but nothing compares to what i share on Lebronnyconcepts. This piece entails a lot of personal hidden emotions, which my words alone are not enough to express. Despite the coincidence that it’s been recorded on my birth month (July), this piece says a lot about me; A lot that many people are familiar with. This is the content Pax.

I have been so many places, i’ve seen so many things, above all i have heard so many things and it was never an easy voyage, as my friend (Lebron) would say, of discoveries a place where i find EVERYTHING TO BE OK. To me, this music interpret the situations in a deserving manner. This symphonies comes as we age up to a point where we stop complaining and adapting to how things are instead. This music i select is heavenly and i am of the belief that it bring to one state the ability to hear the spirits from within. I mean i’d find myself sitting in the dark introspecting and appreciating everything i have without comparing to what i do not have. As i floating tuning to the similar pieces conveyed on this cruise, i understood that i have nothing to complain about, all these times i had such precious music signaling to me kuthi dintho si si’ame but i couldn’t get it.

So EVERYTHING IS OK, i interpret. There’s a piece somewhere in this cruise that corroborate and inspire my “Everything is just ok” motto. This music a hoped giver, a friend, and it disciplines. From me to as the captain of this yacht, am saying do not buckle-up, rather sit back loose and allow the music to take you where the inner man wants to connect with the spirits” .

It’s what it is, i need not say me. The yacht shall lead us to a sacred space. The captain had his world conceptualized and it is indeed sacred. As we take off, one of South Africa’s greatest pianist, Nduduzo Makhathini, who i have unreserved respect for once said: “The music we play should reflect the people we are, the time we are in and the environment we live in…”.

From Lebronnyconcepts we say let’s allow Captain Mphago’s to voyage us through his reflections, grab a cruise tag and sail into The Sacred Voyage, cheers:




Photo: Lebronnyconcepts: “Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us”- Samuel Smiley.

For there is the sky and the earth; It’s inevitable that there shall be cultivation and harvest season. But someone gotta do the dirty ground work for the waters of the sky to be effective when the flood gates of heaven open up. Someone gotta prepare the potential farming plot for productive future sake. Hence the plants bear us different quality and quantity of fruits. The effort, patient, passion and determination of each and every farmer (the individual being) serves as the soil type and what has been done to fertilize the soil during the dry season.

  • For there is the moon & the sun; There is the dawn as well as the dusk, there’s ought to be the beginning and the epilogue in the allocated period on earth.

It might seem as though we are chasing the mirage and we will never get there. Truth is, one of the good days the mirage shall disappear out of our sight. Although the winter dusk may feel long, but it is an inescapable fact that there has to be a new dawn. It will be a New day, a New dawn and you might feel good and better than the previous dusk. You might sing along with understanding to Mme. Nina Simone’s

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me.
Yeah, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me, ooooooooh…
And I’m feelin’ good“.

  • For the existence of the darkness & sunlight; There shall be rejoicing as the light beams through and fades the darkness out.

Just as the sunflower becomes lively to the sun, when the bee buzz with joy over a colorful flower nectar. Our sorrow of dark days shall be buried when the smiley sunny day kicks in. Summon in mind that some days are not as bright as others, they’re might instead be misty and cloudy, therefore do not let your expectation lead you through your journey. Instead, lead your expectation considering that if they’re in the forefront, expectations might turn inimically to the primary imagination thus resulting in draining setback. The emotional blacklist will threaten us, hopefully as a visitor. The latter state is not the promise land. Through persistent and endurance, we shall make it to the brighter days, we shall gaze to the blue skies where hangs the sun and we shall rejoice in the sunny days.  There is the promise land for us if we don’t hold ourselves back in the dark days or feed the darkness to expand. The promise land requires us to continue sailing and we shall see the beams at the end of the loops. Rest in peace Mr Martin Luther King Jr. your lesson has opened minds and surely instilled hope in every aspect of life and it’s challenges.

  • For there is rain & the ultimately rainbow; Beauty shall be the ultimate experience after an unjustifiable stormy period.

Bare in mind that the rainbow is not guaranteed after every showers. Therefore don’t allow your expectations be as programmed, allow them to be flexible enough leave you in awe surprise you when you least expect them. When the rainbow don’t show-up, it doesn’t mean it will never show-up. Just be reminded of the rare days when it popped out and you knew the rain has come to an end. Let those memories to remind you, as they paint an image of peace and harmony, of the better days. Don’t get me wrong, thinking of the better days and drawing of expectations are totally different things. Thinking of the better days is being optimistic and positive that the rain will one unknown day cease. That’s recognizing, acknowledging and being hopeful of the ongoing deeds. Conceiving the idea of a better tomorrow, is being hopeful. Commanding the notion of how the unforeseen situation is expecting too damn much and it might turnout disappointing when the future don’t comply to your standards.

  • For the worm is born, a butterfly will certainly emerge.

We are have to undergo metamorphosis process. We shall hatch and crawl like the helpless worm, but eventually we’ll fly in colors like that butterfly in the spring colorful days. We can’t be flying on the onset. Just like a butterfly, it might seem ugly as a crawling worm, but when it makes it out of the crawling stage, it’s a wowing species. Yes the re will be crawling days in our destination. They are not defaulted to permanently reign upon us. We had what it takes to break out of the shell but that was not the end of it as we also had to toddle. For we are dynamic and not stagnant beings, we will phase-out of this creeping state and turn like a butterfly. Our current efforts will determine the colorant of the butterfly that we will turn into. We might be crawling dusty and in dull colors, but it doesn’t really matter for it is not permanent on us as caterpillars. It might only start to matter if and when we chose to sustain the dusty dull color and it becomes perpetual on us as butterflies.

In a nutshell, life is operates like a see-saw. One minute we are down then the next minute we’re floating. We however float temporarily and inconsistently in both situation. The tears will flow down sometime in our life; but they are bound to dry up. For every hardship there is an alternative opposite feel. However, on the one hand, the smooth feel doesn’t last long if not watered like domestic plants. While on the other hand, one decision might keep the rough patch being lengthy and itching.

The SACRED VOYAGE: God Blue Cruise


Photo_Lebronny: In layman terms, winter is regarded as a mating season among the human kingdom. Every normal human-being needs some warmth. We got a brother warming our winter in a harmonious sacred voyage.

It is through these music that some of us get to embrace love, peace and happiness as we acknowledge sadness and the coldness of this bittersweet world. We appreciate the sunlight yet brace ourselves for the inevitable darkness. For winter warmer, we feature some tunes with a touch of warmth and spikes of love nyana so. The voyager is taking us on a chosen route which will sure see us reaching a warmer destination.

Here is our Voyager’s anecdotes relating to his music journey:

“Mlungisi Mlambo, (aka God Blue), born in Pietermaritzburg, lawyer by profession, but captured by music and all other interesting form of art. I have always had soft spot for music other than one usually played by commercial radios. Even during the times of compilations, I would pick songs that never received easy attention of masses. This led to me wanting to collect single tracks, as compilation did not meet my expectations.

The above is not a new habit cos when I grew up, I was exposed to less likened music (non-commercial) as I had an uncle who used to collect lovely records, Mxolisi who has since passed, may his soul rest in peace. It was never the end of a story as also at times when visiting relatives, in particular Bab Radebe, a conductor of PMB Choral Society, at Imbali Location where my nephews and nieces used to jam to what is termed now Old Skool my interest in music got to a greater heights.

Then above all there is my older brother Webster has highly influenced my taste of music, as he is one of my respected collectors, he managed to introduce me to music which I have grown up to collect.

Then some of my crazy friends I have met in music family, and have been part of my shaping in this form of art, Nsizwa, Mtoffy, Jiks, Timon Pumba, June, Trev the Japanese, Sphe, Gazie  etc.  just to mention the few as the list is endless.

So I did not choose to play this sound but it chose me, cos that is how I have been living. I am used to collecting and play the music varying from House, Soul, RnB, Neosoul, Trip Hop, Old Skool, Jazz, Nujazz, lounge and probably everything that flirt with my ear.

I got drawn to music art when my late friend, brother and a partner Mdu realised the love of music we had and we looked at what can we do differently as opposed to masses clubbing then, and we identified deephouse as an under explored music scene, so we started doing picnic events focused at this but when we were not doing events, my love for other kinds of good music got me interested to collect and relax with.

IT is the same sound that introduced me to some of like-minded friends, they started referring to me as collector, until I met Trev the Japanese, who then encouraged me to play in gigs as a collector, I have played in Avant Garde, Global Select and some highly respected events. I have also played along Rich Medina, Jazz & Milk, Jazzinsoul as an opening collector

I do believe that I was born with taste of music I like in me, and every music journey I take I just get to cloud nine. Music heals me when I feel down, or I am overwhelmed.

When I go to events, I like the opening features of that gig provided it’s something that I like.

I never used to make tapes until recently when Jazzinsoul insisted that I make a mix for Ol’Tymers and the rest is history.

I used to like playing for my few friends when we have something or we are chilling but then some of people that have met me through music have asked that I me to record some mixes for them, something I didn’t take seriously until recently when Jazzinsoul insisted on doing a mix for Ol’Tymers Session.

Now we are here, but at times it is difficult to keep up with this hobby due to demanding needs of my work and life, but I haven’t abandoned or have such intentions in the near future

Let the music talk….”

Let’s indulge our listening senses into the warmth melodies which will probably, if the trick is well applied by individual listeners, soothe away the winter conditions.

From Lebronnyconcepts, we say cuddle-up aaaaaand Let’s ride on. Below is your cruise tag, do enjoy the trip, cheers:

My music story and the importance of music I chose.


There’s a point where the music starts speaking and the soul feels like the supernatural spirits are talking to the inner man. The self engage with the subconscious man inside and the conscious self is concealed and are such hazy phase of the exterior self that we see and value the gift of life. The stage where you find normal in strangeness and you see abnormal in what’s deemed usual to the majority.

The fear of the unknown has escaped it’s temporary spot within the self. You become one with what was the divided self; the self of the world & the natural persona. We fail to unbare pretendance of pleasing the external world at the cost of the inner authentic guy. Yeah…the “fok it phase” has kicked down through the bloody door of: fear, fitting in, what if, I can’t achieve it, I don’t deserve it, am not worth it…kinder lifestyle. The door of self doubtness.

The fall of such a door opened what seems like an a loophole of paralysis & isolation nature from the circle of your people. You’re ready to loose whatever that can’t bare the real self. You don’t give a damn any more. Ukuthi bathini doesn’t affect your life and It’s mission any more. You’re doing you; you realised, after a long time, matters of the heart, and took seroous components and elements that are of tantamount value to the self peace and happiness. You no longer seek unauthorized approvals and permission from an external party in order to engage in an activity that is self driven and adds joy to your inner little man inside! No; never again! You no longer belittle yourself. The self is intra-dependant. It’s the X axis of the graph which is life. While the world is the Y axis of the graph. Life is dependant of the self which is the X axis.

You’re in control of life. You’re genuinely free than the partial South African freedom lol hahaha. This is when you ofcourse realise that this world is made up of ALL THESE THINGS the light & dark and all the breeze. Ola Kuni. A phase in life where you are unapologetic about being you for you’ve seen serious power in that of the nature than that of the visible material world. You’re in charge and you shall be happily ever after finding this part of the self. The self that plays what the self needs without thinking fearfully about what the external party will perceive and draw of such end product.

A self where you don’t feel the need to be paid for playing because you’re doing it for happiness sake; it’s your heart desire. Where you play publicly what you play in your bedroom. You are not even scares of the criticism, hence you still sticked by that particular genre sounds even after you’ve been criticized for choosing it. Wait! Those melodies chose you and they’re one element of your life cycle and them escaping you is detrimental to the survival of the self. It’s compromising matters of the heart. It’s biological affiliation!

I am Lebron and I play what I like; I play what aligns to my life. I play what I call a chosen soundtrack of my life as I protaginize this life series. The music that adds a sense of interest to my life if it were to be a book. The sounds which caters and redefine sadness; the harmonious sound that outlines that joy wouldn’t feel so good if it wasn’t for pain, peace wouldn’t feel so peaceful if it wasn’t for struggle. That sound that makes you appreciate the little things you have and work with what you have to be what you aspire to be. Improvise is the word. That sound that makes you find joy and fun in the quietness and darkness such that when light and sound comes, they’re just complementary to your life it’s self.

Mellowdeep- Flowless


Photo: Supplied by Mellowdeep

As we grow old, it’s essential to find ourselves. By finding ourselves i mean identify matters of gratification to the self. Such findings do not come as easy finger snapping. They come after an in-depth assessment of the inner self. When such an assessment is completed, we are likely to identify the true self. That is a curving point where one will then live their life doing what matters most to the inner self than the world. Since life is dynamic, we of course go through stages of navigating parts of the life cycle before we can find ourselves.

On this month’s Voyage, we feature a brother who’s musical choice is out of this universe. This is one rare gentle brother that i found my ears glued to his selections and damn, my soul went on a spiritual journey. It was on that day that i found myself in music. The persona was thrilled and adamant about such a choice. His selection were and continue to be way too personal, thus my nerve was moved when i heard this gratification need. He selects melodies comprising of nature feel, his sounds are somewhat religious. This is the of kind music that  one listens and be at complacency with how things are. I get to listen to this music and appreciate the gift of life and abort complaining about the supplements of this life.

On this note, the captain in control is none other than Tshepang Moatshe known as Mellowdeep taking us on a second sacred voyage. To me Mellow is indeed Mellow and deeper than the word deep. I respect this brother who happens to be a mentor not only musically but on a general life spectrum. He’s music got me wondering about his braveness. Braveness in a sense that he’s been consistent about this hallowed tunes throughout his archives. Such tunes portray stories of peacefulness, contentment, belief, natural power, love, spirituality, satisfaction among other profound feels within oneself. However, the aforementioned factors requires crucial introspection and one might not feel them until such time they don’t find playing in the rain as childishness.

Obviously Mellow conveys personal anecdotes in a form of music notes. Here is what Mellow had to say about his music:

“All my mix-tapes were/are inspired by true events and experiences encountered in my life. I came to the realization that the only permanent thing in the world is change; in the river water is always flowing; you can’t step on the same place twice neither does lightening strike the same place twice. The same principles are applicable in real life hence i choose to record emotions, feelings felt and events experienced in my life through music. I also believe that music is a spiritual realm and can guide us in our everyday life, heal us, find peace within the inner-self, grow spiritually, chant, joy, love, sadness and care. Music is everything and beyond. Amen!”.

Substantially, listening to Mellow’s music as he has alluded, for a second you’d feel like you’re in a jungle with happy birds, bees and other singing animals. The river, breeze effects will indeed get you sailing in a wind powered boat going in a directions that matters less. His sense of vocal selection will take one’s mind from a roaring chant to the softness tender care let alone love. Wholly the music reflects on reality it is as emotional as he stipulates.

Here is a ticket to and from the sacred voyage captained by Mellowdeep:

Cleansen your soul and mind, conceptualize your world and allow Mellowdeep to sail your emotions through this sacred sounds. Enjoy, cheers.


Whether we are aware of our deeds or not, the end results are inevitable. They will be transparently apparent, without our permission nogal. Kore ke one of those ‘You like it or not, deal with me’ kinder situations. Failure to take critical heed, mostly with the not so positive acts, to such situations might lead one’s life deeper into the similar direction; However, being cognizant of the outcomes and polishing on them might heighten the blossoming in a copious manner. It is therefore to essential to live a self-monitored life, unlike living haphazardly.

The ladies and gentlemen who are in the wellness & fitness fraternity will agree with this piece, in that their industry is the most sensitive in terms of what they eat. They become extra careful in what goes into their body and the aimed results are determined by the “Strict diet” among other factor.  I applaud their way of handling temptations by avoiding the most delicious, but covertly or even overtly junk, meals to the masses.

Just “You are what you eat” i reckon we are what we do. it is equally important to assess ourselves as we go on about this life journey. Well, it is encouraged already that we need to think before we act, which is a great motive to life. Additionally, i think it is also vital to run a post-obit test on what we’ve thought of before having engaged in. It might sound unnecessary, but i think a monitored life will help many of us to identify and know our strong and weak-points as individuals. It’s more like diarizing the weekly activities. This ensures not only that you never get forget what’s due to you, but also for record keeping. Next-time you see someone with a journal, be inspired and stop thinking kuthi they think they’re better. Possibly, if we had to jot down our activities and their results, i can put my head on the block to predict that it was unlikely for us to repeat the same mistakes in life.

In as much as it is important for us to introspect for the future sake, the same technique will add value to our lives if we do it being honest to the inner soul. The resting moment of the day, which is lying the head on the pillow to go for sleep/rest is, hypothetically, the moment of intra-personal communication. It is, in most cases the moment of truth if the subconscious and conscious self is drawn together to facing reality with the mission of being a better being come the start of the new moon. Here is how we can Assess ourselves:

  1. Think of yourself without other people in mind

As we get and filter external motivation, we should not forget that we have the capability to motivate ourselves. How is can this be achieved? Do not get this wrong and confuse it with Pride, for pride is a sin. As we apply self-motivation let’s enjoin the self not start bragging aloud about the accolades and seek credit externally. Batho ba rata attention watseba mara. Let’s not start preaching about our achievements to other people, actions will speak volumes and we will be accredited where due. However, do not expect people to give you any credit. If it is not given, then we know that we have silently gave ourselves a pad. Expectations are dangerous to oneself.

OK, it is quiet simple to restore self-motivation. First things first: Reflect on who you are and where you from. Travel back the journey that brought you to where you are now. Check every little thing, be it bitter, sour and sweet that you have withstood. Think of the ethical risks you took in order to earn your spot. Dammit, you are a hard worker. You have championed storms, you have emerged victorious in hopeless situations. You made it on your own without cutting corners. Your story can motivate millions of hopeless aspiring souls out-there. Yes there is someone out-there who believe that it is impossible to breakthrough when one is embedded in certain situation. It is until they hear how you made it that will restore their hopes.

We go around looking and digging for motivations. It is good to get external motivations. On another dimension, it is important to be heedful of the fact that we have intra-personal motivation curbed within us. We just need to take a reverse trip to where we once were and booom there we have it. Our yesterday are meant to inspire us today and our todays are meant to motivate our tomorrow. I mean if other people can be motivated, both directly and indirectly, by our stories, then what is impossible for us to listen to our stories and motivate ourselves. Do you ever wonder why people meditate?- to be reminded of certain things. You too need to remind yourself of who you are, where you’ve been and what you aspiring to be. It can be achieved through self-assessment.

You are a champ. You over came situations which required your to make critical decisions and you choose what seemed like the narrow jungly path. Think of it like this: Your peers took a different direction and they tried persuading you into their mirage navigated routes, but dammit you denied the “Goodies” which were temporary and accepted your situation while striving to better it. Look at you now, think of some of the tough decisions you made in rebelling to the persuasion.

2. Think of yourself and your people

Kuthiwa Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu. Let’s just be mindful of the word “I..” as we stand tall to give a speech of achievement. We do not live in isolation. One way or the other there was and there is someone out there who contributed towards you being where you are. Yes, you might have done the dirtiest hard labor, but never forget your people. Without people you are just a vacuum for a human-being. It is through other people, who might seem absent and never doing enough at the time that we emerge victorious. These pillars of our strength need not be forgotten as we assess ourselves. Just so you thought you are boss, be reminded that you wouldn’t have made it to that interview if it wasn’t for that malome Taxi Driver.

These are people who have sacrificed for us to be where we are. Bullets have been taken for us in order to drift swiftly through to our designation. I call it “humanterian” like Sibusiso Leope would say. Nelson Mandela wouldn’t have made it to be a noble man on his own. He sure has fellow cadres, family and friends whom shielded him as he slides through his journey. Our president wouldn’t be dubbed as corrupt if he didn’t have his cronies in the high posts protecting him. Through the self-evaluation, it is important to bring to mind our people. It might seem as though we are independent and might not need them no more, be without our loyal people we ain’t nothing. Such people are an inspiration to our journey. We need to understand that they added value to our craftmanship. We shall never cease to embrace them.

It was never an easy journey, and these individuals were just present as pillars to strengthen us up Against All Odds of the journey. It is therefore worth featuring these external forces to our evaluation. Although the ultimate prize is crowned solely on us as individuals, but we must be reminded that we are together with these amazing human-beings in it. Through the hardships when we were hopeless, these individuals were there to restore our hope and faith, these individuals were present to provide what is possible. These individuals are still standing by us even after the wolves has taken off the sheep skins and we are left with dropped jaws.

It will be an unforgivable act to forget to mention this individuals (Family, Friends, Spouses, abo Bae, members of the community etc.) as we render that vote of thanks speech. It’s more like a speaker who does not acknowledge their audience as after giving a keynote address; dude what the hell? This is a sign that no matter how intelligent we may appear to be, we are nothing without the people within our circle. Do not be shy to give acknowledge your enemy or that stranger who was once rude at you. They too added value to make you a stronger individual that you are today.


3. Think and acknowledge your blunders too

Change is for those who are ready to grow. If it wasn’t for your mistakes, which i believe came as a lesson to, you would’ve long given up. I believe that we are courageous now because of the mistakes that we once got into. The mistakes are there to remind us that we have strong and weak points in life. The weak points are not meant to drag us down, while the strong points need to be polished time and again.

The importance of blunders exist to prove to us that there is no such a thing as “Perfect”. Think of how many times you have slipped and you bounced back and you soldiered on. That on it’s own shows that you have what it takes to get things done. Do you ever wonder why they ask about your weak points in the interviews? Dare you lie and say you’re a clean perfect individual, and kiss that post goodbye. It is fine to have blunder, the interest is what do they mean to you and it is without them that we wouldn’t know our point of expertise. So as we assess the self, it is important to acknowledge these blunders, embarrassing as they might be, they are worth featuring in the assessment of the self.


We must however, not confuse our flaws with all these funny staff that we get ourselves into. Remeber when you couldn’t pronounce ‘Photosynthesis’ and you became a laughing stock? Listening to you know addressing Mr Smith in the simplest comprehensive version of his mother tongue, to some extend you even go deeper into confusing him in his own terrain. That’s what i am talking about. I am talking mistakes that ignited the burning fire in us to envy and persist to thrive and master a certain thing. I mean we can’t be talking about how someone sold their soul in exchange of outfit, drinks or money a mistake; Never! Desperation doesn’t even qualify to describe such immoral, unethical, nefarious act! To me such are just results of being tempted into the visible fashion things which can be outdated in a snap of a finger. Such deeds which might be excused for blunders are for those cowards who thinks they cannot make it without getting dirty; and it is obviously because they didn’t know their Worth. Oops, you can’t reminiscence on such “Blunders” and laugh your lungs out. How do you call bending for someone in order to score grades or liquor a mistake ruri?? But hey, because you are determined to change, we welcome you the world of faith. The world of optimism. It is through your story that our future generations won’t trap their souls in regretful acts.


Reflect at your mistake and understand that you have improved; that you were always all the time a fighter. It is through acknowledging this mistakes that you’d defeat fear of the unknown. It is by accepting your mistakes that you will keep pushing and persisting towards your mission and vision. Such mistakes reminds you of your worth and never shall you settle in a pig’s dean if you are assessing yourself on the basis of the mistakes and the lessons entailed therein! It is because of this blunders that we know cherish the future.


In summation, I believe kuthi sweetness wouldn’t taste so good if it wasn’t for bitterness, peace wouldn’t feel so peaceful if it wasn’t for struggle; joy would not be so joyous if we knew nothing about pains and sadness.