Work for it; earn it, and deserve it along with the benifts therein.

Bend for it; bribe for it and be haunted by the memories of its benefits instead of holding the flag of championing the assignment. Reality will humbly remind your conscious conscience about your shaming defeat.

We all are made happy by what we’ve worked hard for- in a legal systemized lawful acceptable way. It gets nicer with the many challenges that we’ve championed. Remember a say: “Easy come; easy go”?. But because it came no easier less than the respiratory process; goddamit the feeling is “yeaaaaahh”.

Gain it illegally and remain terrified. Not that you’d be arrested for it- but that where will your value and dignity stand as an individual. Embarrassment is normal among human-beings and it sure ain’t a good feeling. The outcomes are moral boosters or destroyer. Usually, destroyed morals are those whom are controlled and reliable on another external factors. These are morals who took the illegal path tryna bridge life. They’re never at liberty as they’re someone’s wrist pet. Think of blackmail, yeah right because someone did something in a negative way; such info is detrimental to the outcomes and the dignity let alone the respect.

Our gorgeous looking sisters are not that proud about looking slizzy as a result of compromising their souls through giving the sacred cookie. Hence doing it for such a transition is self demeaning and demoralizing. But the confidence in those who worked for that outfit their “Slay” is not as loud; but the smile and feel in their eyes is deeper than ooh Lawd; What’s that word!

Work for it or bribe for it then enslave yourself. You will be tossed as a coin; wait a predictable remote control even. My infants won’t celebrate me my success if I gained it through robberies and hurting other people, neither is my future wife. Think of how your future hubby will make of you as the mother of his kids to hear that you were a one night stander to earn certain things in your life, to learn that you touched the floor to scoop that position! Sies mann eewww; I rather die single or poor with happiness to myself and those next of me. Trying will be enough but rigging the system won’t bring equivalent joy to most lives.


How is it possible that you can look at the memory box of picture and see yourself in a regalia that you robbed yourself? That you sold a priceless non-replaceable part of your life to those in ‘power’. Ooh but because the morals turned into immortality for you, you might pride yourself for taking your down your panties down for the SAKE of it: That five minutes, “only three laps” for that moment only is capable of crashing your whole life and redirect it. This is temporary turning into unplanned permanent, contextually Lebronny refers to it as a Life Time event!

Shout to all those who graduated this Autumn and the past not forgetting those who are yet to grad. We can’t shame those who cheated the system, but reality will in the long run, hit the nerve. It will humbly humble you.

Remember: You’re doing it for your self; hence when you’re cheating the system, it’s embarrassingly become a secrete with hope that it’s never unknown. Remember those who are for righteous harmless beliefs are priding them and they get broadcasted; but the evil are hidden and believed to be exercised in the darkness. Take your soul as a belief or whatever religious phenomenon and ask yourself if you’d in any way opt to preach and practice it publicly in the light to do it during the night and be scared of shame that might emerge if darkness fades away suddenly.

Sleeping with bread and peanut butter is sure feels happier than waking up with “English” top notch breakfast with someone you indirectly sold your soul to. Someone you know you ain’t gonna see, call or introduce with pride unless they call you to come provide the services. They never cease to persuade- it’s not a trainsmash to them afterall, it’s a lifestyle. I swear those earrings dress ya ko Makuleng makes that woman whose boyfriend bought after budgeting for it, than that from Lacoste after being used as a temporary sexual object.

DESERVE IT (wanting it before you afford it. Duma dilo txa batho); EARN IT(through shortcuts) & WORK FOR IT (nurse the embarrassment in the secret).

It’s a choice; it’s personal but no matter how modest we are about it to the external world, it remains with us and the Internal man in us!



Photo: Fumani Khoza. “It is our choice to follow already established trails or establish our own. It is never forced unto us which direction to go, we dive in because it is a choice. It is by choice that we know when to stop and say NO”- Lebronny

“Its the choices we make in this times of our lives” sang Kathy Brown in one of my favorite tracks by The Layabouts. It is after i have looked in the mirror one morning while preparing for the day rush, that i had the song playing imaginary in my mind. I could not ignore such sparks in my mind. I had put my mind to it, and i ruminated on the thought of it. Like one lecturer in my days said; an inquisitive mind leads into a prudent life. It is through intra-questioning that we become aware of who we are among other things. My question as an outcome of that weird moment which came out of nowhere was:  “What drives our choices as human-beings”?! *Sigh* 

Cognizant or not, we live because we make decisions. It is an inescapable routine of this life. Although we at times choose to ignore some of them, but every step of life we take are in most cases driven by a choice. It is after a certain choice of driving, engaging into a sexual activity, smoking etc, that an accident, which might exist for a lifetime, occur as a result. Choice are a natural way going hand-in-glove with decisions that are a sign of life in human-beings. Hence we can recall about our so called “Bad and good” choices that we’ve ever made in our life. This very choices makes us wanna develop and grow into better beings or never to repeat the same mistakes. However, it is when we chose to neglect the signs of our actives cautious minds that we end-up falling into an endless dark pit of thorns.

It is by choice that we know when to set limits; it is because we are aware of the situations that we know if it is safe or risky to continue. It is all by choice that wake-up and grind. A helpless slouched man ignored the fact that he had a CHOICE so stop or say NO to alcohol at his disposal. Don’t be that man!

In the light of this concept, it is due to knowing and understanding who we really are, our mission, vision and goals in this life that we can and will make informed choices. The contrary is will result in being sorry and consoling ourselves for having taken wrong choices. It is only during our fundamental stages in this world that we are guided into doing and not certain things. Our guardians knows what is good for our upbringing and what is not. But gradually as we grow, being mindful of the wrong and the good of/to our lives, we are able to make our own decisions. In countless cases, this is the stage where we are at stake of drowning into life’s fiery pit. We turn to think that we are now in charge, we got thing under-control. Little do we know that we got shit under control. Hence many of us look back at our past missteps and shed some tears of regret.

We continue to live reckless, ratchet life and console ourselves with “YOLO”; Do we really know our worth, the gift and purpose of this life?.

You are an asset, not only to your family which is hopeful in you, but probably to the world and its socio-economic phase. Should we take heed of our worth in this word, we will might then start making astute choices. We will know where and when to draw a line. We will never be merciless about uttering “NO” to what our conscience disapprove. Knowing our worth, is understanding that it is important to treasure ourselves into the sacred box. It is never an easy task of-course, but it is worth it. We will not only be mocked by the masses on the bases of the social status quo, but we will get a feeling of being in a vacuum space; we will feel like we incarcerated ourselves at some time. But eventually, such will become a lifestyle on which we adapt to. It is only difficult to out-stand this stage because we know the other tastes of life, which is covertly junk to our lifestyle. We are aware from the onset of lifting a glass of liquor, doing it without a rubber, serial cheating etc. that we must anticipate and never be shocked when the results are what they’re ought to be! But because we “are only human” we continue to swallow only junk food and obese ourselves until such time that somethings is diagnosed and the doc recommends us to join The Biggest Loser (If you know what i mean).

We made it a primary choice to ignore our proactive state and went for the active part of it. Even though we are aware of that our deeds are totally astray, we continue to engage anyway…we continue to make that fruitless choice. We engage in such acts because there are some deceiving temporary yearnings which need to be nourished. We blindfold the ourselves against the long-term version of life- The future. Do we really know our worth? It is through archiving some pieces of art or even wine that gains them their worth. The longer they are caged, the heavier they get to worth. It is that artists or wine master’s CHOICE to keep them for a certain period, for their WORTH’s sake!

Because we are excelling in justifying our miscues, we always find some lousy words to justify our blunder yet we continue to commit the same indiscretions. This is for those who got lucky to getaway with it of course, but for those who had to live with the consequences for their lifetime is non-justifiable. Are such people who are the most honest creatures on earth in telling stories of change. It is until we personally meet an HIV/AIDS, ex-con, paralyzed among other unfortunate individuals, that we are reminded of our worth. It is until we hear a story of a remorseful adult orphan that we know what to make out of parent’s advice. But such reality does not last long, because we have the world to please and our dignity, reputation, worth and value to propel!

It is all because of the CHOICES that we make in this times of our lives; It is guided by knowing our worth and understanding what we are designated to be. It is by personal CHOICE to go to North when friends ask us to; we should not blame no one for the outcomes. We are rational about such. We ain’t toddlers who are coached because they are not aware yet. We are grown-up who are out and about. We should never blame friends for buying us fat-cakes if we lively made a choice to say YES. Just like it a gardener’s choice to see the beautiful flowers everyday, it is therefore his duty without being compelled, to water the garden.

I shall leave it here. We only know ourselves and growth will direct us into what we think we designated to be in this life.


“Every person has free choice. Free to obey or disobey the Natural Laws. Your choice determines the consequences. Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices.”- Alfred A. Montapert


My kinder woman


My kinder woman is my day one. She’s a friend best in the world. She’s a lover; above all she’s a caregiver.

My kinder woman is the woman whom wishes to see the infinite smile on my face; not through spoiling me. But through reprimanding me against the negative acts that I engage in.

My kinder woman is a teacher, nurse, safety officer, social worker, pastor all wrapped in a box with a ribbon on; she’s just never a judge perhaps she’s a righteous advocate.

My kinder woman has unreserved faith in me; she knows eternal agape love. This woman aims at leading me to greener pastures. This phenomenon never give-up on me no matter how tempting my misconducts will lead her into throwing the towel, damn she holds on it.

My kinder woman foresee the the wrong things that am blinded against; my kinder woman will always have words of consolation and encouragement for my depressed soul. That’s the woman of my calibre. The woman who, despite all, monitor me into the positive direction of life. This woman will wish and hope for the best in my life, not because she wants a share of it; but because she wants me to live a better life. This is a woman who believes in investing in me and ensures I don’t place the investments at jeopardy. She believes she can and has to build the strongest pyramid out of me.

My kinder women always had and continue to have time for my stories; she is a true forgiver – she never hold grudges even though I piss her off the worst direction. This woman doesn’t owe me nothing; I owe her everything. My kinder woman feels like giving me life is not enough, hence she mentors me through it.

My kinder woman wants what’s best for me. She’s honest when it comes to what I should stop doing; although i might Take her for granted, but she never hesitate to be frank about the kinder people i should associate myself with.

My kinder woman sacrifice alot in her life to make me happy; in hard times she tries by all means to cover it up for my eyes and she will say: “…gotlo loka ngwanaka, Modimo ona le rena…”.

Mosadi mosadi; mosadi. She taught me that I can be what I am destined to be. Among other things, she taught me respect, discipline and choice making. She taught me to independency and to maintain focus.

Sade sang about my kinder woman in the heartbreaking track “Pearls”. Tupac titled my kinder woman a “dear mama”. My dear mama is well spoken off by Judith Sephuma when she artistically narrated “Mme mostwadi”. The woman who shed some tears and believe that Notorious B.I.G is still her little boy, is my kinder woman.

My kinder woman is a fighter; a fighter for the freedom in me; she is a human freedom fighter; she is your Lillian Ngoyi -Albertina Sisulu kinder woman. That’s my woman! This woman wants me out of apartheid lifestyle.

My kinder woman whooped the demon out of my bum; she understood that am old but found an alternative way of casting the devil out of me- my kinder woman spoke the thorny truth to my ears.

I never saw it coming; but I am what I am because of my kinder woman. I stand firm and influence some life decisions because my kinder woman played her role. She raised me high so i can stand the mountains; the true woman of virtue. My heart got no divided doubts for this woman!


My kinder woman believes she can still kiss me in public no matter how old I get & still all good.

My kinder woman is the woman whom was disliked by my ex friends; she made me realise that am nothing without the but everything without them. I was only young when I’d say she’s a pain in the but because I wanna please my ex friends. She fought the most challenging stage of my life which is future shaping to most of us; my kinder woman battled peer pressure.


My kinder women: Their ululations made feel king when I walked down the aisle of success; they get out of their way to see me achieving.

Cutting it doesn’t mean am done talking about my kinder woman. I have whole lot more to say about my kinder woman.

I know the difference between a blue and white lie because she’d lie to me for the right reasons; God forgave my kinder woman for her white lies, but they sit well with me coz I felt better as a kid and it’s still all good.

I have much respect; love and all sorts of noble feelings for these kinder woman in the world. They’re just… words can express what I mean. They’re everything Heaven man!



Photo: Lebronny. “If you believe; then you’re halfway there”

Although we are somewhat obligated to embark on the journey of life, it is however never easy route to embark on. We have battles to fight along the way, burning and dry pressure of discomfort to withstand for us to reach the set destination point(s) ahead of us.

Miscellaneously, albeit their different nature, we are on this planet to fulfill a certain purpose. We often come across people uttering “We’ve come a long way…”, but at some point we seldom realize that individually we indeed come a long way. Thus missing the point to credit ourselves. The niche group who practice it are self motivated and ultimately such a behavior will amount to thriving the missions set. The self deserves credit, it deserves internal motivation and i believe it will easily comprehend the external impulse encountered. We definitely need to learn from such people. The distinction is not that they are perfect; but it is that they understand the worth of their craft after a sweaty attempt with some threatening downfalls in between the craft-ship! I applaud such human-being; this are human being who are never intimidated and driven by fear of the unknown into boosting their craft at a cost of settling for mediocre or compromising their capacitated integrity in order to cross bridges. These are not people who slaughter cows to tendentiously  chair the parliament!

These are bold men and women. These are people who fear themselves as they get to understand that they’re At The Verge of getting things in motion. Like one of my inspirational writer stated; As a people, we are excelling in remembering dates and names but never the lesson, the people whose view are as clear recall the lesson not only the names. Christopher George Latore Wallace famously known as B.I.G, my favorite i know, in one of his songs remembers back to his one room shack while birthdays were the worst days, but it is likely that his fans will remember his riches and material things acquired and never the acquiring process! We indeed fail to learn the core thing- this is evident when the audience’s breath is paused when what they see as fine speaker utter that “I had to sleep under a bridge some days of my life before i achieved what you see”.

We shall continue to be blinded towards the view of being at that edge of life, if we do not reflect on how far we’ve come to get to where we are. And we shall ultimately experience the world of defeatists. The danger part of missing this sight point is that we will end-up having people who are not so proud of their destinations simply because they settled for mediocre through cutting corners. I can bet that there is nothing worth to pride oneself to a student who acquired a distinction through cheating. It might not be known and visible to the external world, but deep down in them they are not so proud. Why? because the damn grades were not worked for but smuggled. The latter can not compare to the feeling of a grateful student who studied hard for that 60%.

The torch will be held high up with no doubts if it was earned. These are people who understood that they made it to the verge. They are people who are scared by their tenacious outcomes. These are people who couldn’t compromise their worth by abiding to silly tempting proposals. I guess it is always a story of hope to tell by that brother/sister who failed several times through the legal procedure, than the embarrassing secrete of those who earned the post at firsthand because some undies had to go down their feet! These people are in most cases someone’s “yes man”, the likelihood is that they are uncertain about their worth, since they are caged into what they fell for. Parents’ who sold tomatoes may shed some tears when their children are conferred that degree, but i doubt a drug mule parent will shed the same tear! Think about it.

Scare yourself and you shall respect yourself. It’s because some people’s views were blurred enough that they can’t see their verge of life hence they graduate> work> start buying STI medications all their lives! If our view is clear we would be as careful just so we understand that we are about to reap the benefits of a worthy journey long traveled!

My dear readers, situations may be tough and never promising but should we clear our viewpoint in the back of our powerful minds, we will understand that the grey area is temporary. That is when we will put our foot down and say NO to sleeping our way up; NO to being bribed with material things in return of engaging in disgracing acts; NO to settling to mediocre. NO to abusive bosses and relationship, because we were impatient to do things legally and lawfully to earn our throne. Simply because we know are our worth, value and what we are destined to be. Simply because we believe and have faith that we’ve come way too long to be at this Verge!

Go-on be a geek who works their way up; rather than skhothane who get sodomized to look game. At the end of the day, someone might remain controlled pet while the other is savor the moment which is there to stay if well sustained and maintained!

Know your worth>> broaden up your thinking>> See your verge of life>> Scare and respect yourself>> Be patient and value yourself; You’re almost there mfethu. Take vigilant care and pride yourself later when you get there!

Big Brother translated to life lessons.


Photo: Google.

” life does not talk to you. It sorts of pushes you around..” wrote Robert Kiyosaki, who elaborated that each push is life saying: “Wake up up. There’s something i want you to learn..”. That’s what a make out of the reality show, Big Brother, and life itself. The reality show entails solid life lessons. Here are few things I have noted from Big Brother:

1. Strength and Ability (■)

“Yes we can”, Barack Obama, in his speech, defined Ability in concise phrase during his term ko White House. But who knows, Trump might have the Ability too neh?

B.B conveys to you that people has what it takes to reach their goals. The motivation serves as the element that keeps us going. Those guys are in the race of the grand price. People endure long hours of Marketing themselves, through being critical and creative being. We have the strength, we are just not motivated enough not to limit ourselves. We living a life of limitation, coz we are relaxed. We don’t polish our long-term price enough for it to shine enough to be visible for us. The visibility will get us working hard towards the price. Ooh by the way, the price is stagnant and waiting for us to go collect. But the journey is not easy, the journey is like paintball game. You get shot (challenged) as you crawling towards your price.

Remember, you’ve reached some golden, but not ultimate, stages therefore your STRENGTH was approved for continuing to something bigger. You passed your Primary and made it to Secondary then Tertiary level. Now you’re fit to make critical decision which aims at generation or loss of revenues. This leads me to the next point:

2. Intelligence (◇]

Characters meet as strangers, but are odd to make things happen. How are two people with different norms and morality, belief and understanding(IQ level) tolerate each other if they’re dumb? Clearly is almost impossible! But their approach of producing the tasks (challenges) imposed on their journey of the ultimate price accumulation makes it possible. Two stranger craft some top notch products! The astuteness behind producing a song in with two yet different versions (one in Native and English lingo version), can’t be reached with empty thinking! Intellegency is the ability to cope in a versatile environment, tolerating someone with a different school of ideology is not pap and vleis samma stru’s bob !

3. Confidence (☆)

Never be shy of people [who don’t know you] in the journey of earning you Price!
Confidence is key. If you engage in acts of accomplishing a mission of success never be shy to pursue what you desire because of the unknown individual. Do away with the stereotypical mentality of “they will judge me”! I have never come across a presenter who lacks confidence, that s why they lead us into accepting them and loving them through their confident deeds, thus they referred to as “Celebrities/Leaders/Legends/ICON/ etc.” The characters in the series are just too real to who they are, they’re living their lives and be accepted for that as such. Otherwise the contrary might be one of the eliminating element in the criterion of list. So never be shy, as it can stumble your CONFIDENCE thus discouraging you! It results in what is called “fear of the unknown”. You’re living life with limits once you got the latter syndrome!

4. The essence of coalition (#)

Social Cohesion is achieved through Maturity and Responsibilities.
People get together, strangers become friends some even spouses in/after that series. We have to work together as a people to achieve certain things: take heed elimination when you’re at workforce- there are people who will want you to be eliminated for them to become winners, Charles Darwin calls it “survival of the fittest”. The fascinating part of it is you have no option to sabotage whatsoever the other person’s procedures. You need to work your butt up without snitching. The team hates to see you in weakest point or saying bye, thus the notion of support structure. Unfortunately there is one ultimate winner lols, otherwise we’re all winner just not lucky to participate in certain stages at once. It’s ok my reader, you’re a winner your down-falls are your lessons neh? Sure.

Maturity and Responsibility- You’re an adult and you are being treated as such. You are at liberty of access to certain things at an enormous volume- to avoid the most dangerous thing in life which is ADDICTION, you have a time table to access those items meaning you will therefore have to manage yourself to have and maintain self-control and avoid being controlled by certain things. By the way having your addiction skwed to one activity extremely might shift your focus from the ultimate bigger picture of your purpose in this life mission. Sex, alcohol as used enormously as examples in Life Orientation classes, for example if they’re done in abundance they might shred your focus! Ekse Mandla Mthembu, you should’ve limited your love for Khanyi and Lavish materials while you focused on a way of getting more to maintain minimum standard, otherwise have for losing focus grootman ke life! Otherwise addiction can result into direct/indirect dull-witted “mistake”, sure Oscar Pistoreous you, according to Nel and other external findings, had several cases [addiction] of playing with guns. Hade my man! I hope you coping in there at no corrupt privilege.

So, responsible maturity people limit themselves and ensure unity against all disagreements, it’s fine to be loggerheads but don’t allow it to derail you to working towards the better.

By the way addiction pitch as a result of pleasure short-term nogal. Ehsan!

Our beautiful South Africa could be a better country if the so called leader had a clearer understanding to the weight entailed in the word “Politics” which is synonymous to: diplomacy- public affairs – defined to be a system, I guess good ones, of being able to influence decision that affect of the country or society in a good way I reckon. Not the contrary that make our government system seem like a total disgraceful act of dullard-ism.

Ekse Zuma, Mmusi, Julius and others let’s unite not only because of the analogy you would’ve done out of Big Brother, but because you need to comply with the rightful Rights of shaping a “rainbow nation”. Maybe black and white might not be stupid underpinning of racism, lead our people gents!

Unity is power my good people, “united we stand, and divided we fall”.

5. Discipline (=)

To break the ice, we can’t get to other stages of success if we suffer from lack of Self-Discipline! Understand your reputation and maintain disciple. No one will disciple you even if they wish/try, it lies within you at the end of the day! Know your weak-points and deal with them curb your strong-points too don’t get over excited.

It’s not that many successful people didn’t in certain acts that we engage in during our upbringing, No! They did get naughty and party, they just had limits and growth kicks in. Being old doesn’t simplify growth if Discipline ke dololo!

6. Humanity and Forgiveness (♡)

You should see their (characters) emotions when one member gets eliminated, damn it speaks volumes! So warm and ncoooooh kinder thing.

Mind-you, this is an imperfect life we living in. We will be in dispute and anger/hate might erupt. It’s okay, it’s normal! But how do we get constructive if we have unfinished vendetta as adults? Recall MATURITY i mentioned; good you smart reader!! We need to settle matters, sideline our weakness that shadow the bliss view of this life if we forgive each other and join forces.

7. Emotional Management

I go around listening to people, and one day i heard someone say: “Decisions based on emotions are not decisions at all”. Substantially, Kiyosaki highlighted that emotions can conflict our thinking; emotions leads to impulsive decisions thus halting the primary element of making decisions- the mind.

It’s not wrong to be overtly emotional, but it can impact on the future. In BB instance, displaying emotions on HD will definitely outline one’s weak-points and that can be used against you as a test. I’ve seen people loosing focus of the competition’s fundamentals simply because they couldn’t curb their enthusiasm. Some evictions were done purposefully to test other people’s weak-points which is being too attached.

Failure to control our emotions might blur the view to reality. Simpy because someone is emotionally attached to a certain party, no matter how simple the facts may sound, that particular person will be hard-headed to support their wrong motion of their party. Shout-out to Trevor Manuel, Mbeki among other individuals who were impartial enough to accept that their party was offside on several stages. We will hardly solve crucial matters if we are emotional.

Let’s not let emotions cost us. Just like sex, put it to the mind and deliver the best and experience karma sutra secretes or follow/nature your emotions and deliver two minutes mediocre.

It’s because of the emotions that we are left with matters to solve after the SONA and even after what was supposed to be a peaceful six-nil soccer match.

Kana someone’s pride is denying them to approach/aid a particular, most relevant, person for help due to some historical vendetta which apparently can’t be Forgiven, Einstein tried finding solutions to it but unfortunately he did live longer, may his soul R.I.P. . Imagine if Mandela among other revolution heroes, couldn’t forgive others, don’t tell about rival politicians who advocated the antithetical, please – or else I’ll remind you of the situation in Mugabe land! You will suffer san.

Brothers and sisters in the series are only human and are not always on good terms, but they forgive each other. Don’t hate a fellow homo sapiens for bitter mistakes that doesn’t change the price of the bread, for you won’t conquer this world alone!

Like Ringo Madlinkosi sang “…ma si bambane nge zandla siba bonise…” FORGIVE my Zulu, but I have no intentions of relocating to ORANIA TOWN, therefore I will try hard to learn the language!

If this was to reach our parliament, I was gonna make a recommendation:
Allow Big Brother to host you for few seasons and The Constitution’s contradictions will come to an end after those seasons. Let stranger political parties meet and be locked in one room with the aim claimed to being perpetuated currently.

However, DO NOT use any of the house in Saxonworld Biggie assomblief!

What is missing during SONA – Youth Development

Moses Moreroa is an educator, language editor, and transformational speaker. Apart from his PR job, he enjoys airtime on radio as an all-around social commentator, with avid interests in social media and politics. He is also a copyright specialist, blogger, and magazine owner

Story: Moses Moreroa

Not so long ago, I read a thought-provoking column by a young South African who is a commonwealth scholar, studying towards a doctorate in the United Kingdom. Metjie Makgoba in his latest column said institutions of higher learning provide avenues for students to acquire social, cultural and symbolic capitals that set the tone for their professional and economic development.

I could not agree more with his view of tertiary education.

As we already have the knowledge, young people, especially those previously classified as disadvantaged, now have access to basic education. And high enrolment rates at basic education level can only suggest one thing – increase in applications for space at tertiary institutions. Although the quality of education is still a thorny issue.

The proportion of young people that attend tertiary, especially playing the race card, is too small to realise the much-sought-after equality and, therefore, cannot redress social imbalances if not tackled head-on.

It is more than tormenting to see the economy growing at a snail’s pace. It is even disheartening that young people are forced to take the back seat when it comes to the economy. Shockingly, South Africa’s labour market participation rate for young people is down at a mere 26%, less than half the equivalent participation in the United States, according to STANLIB.

A miserable feeling as every nation depends on its youth for growth and development.

There is no one who accounts for the sluggish role played by youth agencies. All we hear about is how the National Development Plan (NDP) aims to create about 11 million more jobs 2030.

We hear about how the NDP plans to reduce the appalling unemployment rate to 6% by 2030. Indeed, all we hear is a journey we are forever about to take – long walk to freedom. There has been too little progress since the adoption of the NDP.

President Jacob Zuma and his cabinet have, by this far, advanced obliviousness and negligence of the youth. During the previous State of the Nation Address (Sona), the president brilliantly dodged to explain the high rate of unemployment among youth. He only acknowledged it with no solution.

The answer is straightforward. There is little care about the future of this country. Neglecting the developmental needs of the youth translates to turning a blind eye on the future.

It is time to put our youth at the centre of the State of the Nation Address.

So far, the NDP is doing well as a PR document than a solution to our increasing problems. It is just a lip service. The document was archived way before it could be distributed.

Achieving full employment, decent work and sustainable livelihoods are the only weapons we can use to advance our society and its youth. To create more jobs means encouraging young people to start businesses. And to start more businesses is to create an enabling environment for these youngsters to cut their teeth in the business world.

When President Zuma created the small business ministry in 2014, we though 90% of the youth jobs were going to be created. But it remained a lip service and broken promise.

The economy lazily grew, seeing unemployment reaching its highest level in 13 years, increasing from 25.5% to 27.1%.

All these could be possible if government agencies, such as the Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda) and the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) among many others, did not exist as impractical, unworkable structures that keep on discouraging our youth.

I am very sad to witness the numbers of companies, opened by young people, close before their first anniversary.

I am unhappy about the large number of small enterprises that close due to non-compliance with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC). We are equally depressed by the growing number of graduates who lose hope of a better future on a daily basis. These young people end up settling for mediocre and every job opportunity that is thrown at them even if it is not sustainable.

We saw Seda rejecting to listen to thousands of business ideas. When asked for reasons, they are either under staffed or said to be only helping medium enterprises that have been running for years with at least ten or more workers. This is just a stunt to claim to have created more jobs.

NYDA equally executes the hopes of young people who are just starting businesses by only designing logos and letterheads for them. These youngsters need mentorship, advice, the right connections and funding more than a logo and letterhead.

State of the Nation Address, on Thursday, should addresses real developmental issues, and the address will be beside the point if it does not intensely talk about youth development. There is just no any other promising route to development than the youth way.

The government needs to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to improve the quality of their life and pursue their dreams always.

This starts with refusing to sit for a nation address that doesn’t address the needs of youth development.

With the SONA, we must listen to listen to a report that talks about how development finance institutions such as the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) or Development Bank of Southern Africa and others have provided finance for small businesses in infrastructure and in many other high contributing sectors of the economy, such as agriculture and technology.

Since the government has failed its youth, young thought the private sector would. It is unfortunate that these private sectors buy out the small businesses. This is how the private sector sustain its monopoly, eliminating potential competition.

The youth should refuse to spend hours listening to a nation address that does not give them the figures of young businessmen and businesswomen who were trained by government agencies and have fruitfully exploited our rich minerals to make a living for themselves and thousands of other youth who are marginalised.

We cannot applaud the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) because it creates short-term contract works. What an ordeal our youth have to grow through. They are introduced to an independent life where they are forced to settle for a shameful wage of less than R80 a day. While we thought it was better than nothing, these EPWP workers later lose their jobs as contracts end.

When we try to check, picking up litter, waving red flags on roads and controlling a stop and go is what the government of today calls job opportunities for thousands of youth.

We can not only stand proudly on the international stage as a country that is rich with minerals whereas food security remains a challenge in South Africa. Until our youth exploit opportunities of making the most out of our wealth found in cowpeas, nuts, tomatoes, pine trees, commodities, and all that, we are a disaster-prone nation.

Job opportunities should be when the youth, from low levels of skills to the highest, can create their own employment opportunities from the treasures found in our country.

The curriculum, from basic education, should have entrepreneurship as a compulsory subject. This curriculum should extend to Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges. This can only mean one thing, the building of more TVET colleges to allow all students in.

After graduating, these young people will need to start their businesses. The government should fund them. If their ideas might not be good enough as the likes of Seda and NYDA claim, then they should be mentored until their business ideas are viable.

Starting their businesses means they will need land, hence, the issue of land reform should be a matter of insistence. It should be to grow our economy more than it is to score political points.

These restructurings would aid the country to reduce unemployment while strengthening food security and eradicating poverty, especially among the unskilled. However, they will only be introduced by visionary leaders who occupy strategic positions not because of being loyal to the struggle but having necessary qualifications to lead in certain portfolios.

Currently, we just see sleeping ministers and MECs who have been changed from one position to another, without mastering even one trade.

It is certain that the creation of millions of entry-level factory jobs is the most important reason for the success of every developing country that has raised millions of people out of poverty. Therefore, the government should come up with strategies earmarked for youth development in all respects.

Imagine a society in which even a child born into the most desperate poverty can become a brain surgeon, a concert pianist or a sports hero.

That is what we call equality for all.

Our youth would only be the centre of the State of the Nation Address if they are regarded as the future.

Moses Moreroa writes in his personal capacity as an Educator, Public Relations Practitioner and Entrepreneur.

Situation reading: Timing




Knowing when, where, why and what to do is essential. This might be the making or breaking stage of the future. Its at this time in point when the self is required to be consciously active. The conscious part of the self is the deeper sense, the phase where all senses come to one, it’s the joint state. Human awareness is fully awaken at this point!

When dealing with life situation, one gotta be proactive instead of active; avoid impulsive and be non-spontaneous in decisions making. The decisions gotta be calculated. The moves are well thought of; there is room for the contrary consequences that might emerge. After all we are only human, we might learn from the inevitable outcomes that are not part of the plan’s desire! Play dead where needs it be. Maybe you’re just about to become a millionaire through that street-kid’s motivation, but because you acted saint you’ve just kissed it goodbye! You never know.

When- Is the everything in order? Don’t confuse situations! You surely wouldn’t want to want your speaker to go out loud when you glancing that porn video in presence of your parents over family supper. Don’t do things that where supposed to be employed in your tertiary state, in your primary period. Remember the limitations of jargon. Don’t come and be technical when you’re with your fellow laymen. It might press someone’s button thus depriving you an opportunity to learn. Never be scared to delay your horses if you’re unsure of what to say. We are never demeaned of keeping quiet mos; we might be embarrassed and devalued for being rectified about having said the things that are uninformed. This is essential in the ability of differentiating the proceeding state:

Where– Know your people. Differentiate between the type of people within your circle. Be an all rounder; never filter a certain category of people: go from dropouts, academics, bourgeois, drunkards, gamblers, non/ believers, ex-cons etc. Curiosity will opportune you the moment to learn who behaves how, when and why. Thus you will get counter skills in handling the person of that fashion when you come across the strange situation of the strange individuals who belong to a certain category

Why– Are you engaging in that activity of those people for fun sake; are you having life lessons? Never, be too reluctant to even forget the motive behind your presence within that circle. If you’re doing it for no reason then you’re wasting your precious time. But if you’re substantially doing it then you’re making the time precious. Don’t do it for the sake of doing it. Don’t just come and twang where it can be used to develop sceptical thoughts about your belonging. Develop a chameleon behaviour, but shell like a tortoise, know and stick to your origins and protect your customs. Do not show-off where your skills will be an intimidating factor within the habitat. But share your thoughts as a suggestion and get to listen people’s reaction. Be impartial, know why you need to go an extra-mile. It sure gotta be beneficial to you brother/sister! Miscalculations of this step of the pyramid might sharpen of defect the future following the next step:

What– keep your cards to your chest. Know, through be cautious of the aforementioned steps, which move to strike.  The typical questions might emerge as “what am I doing; what should I do; what’s required of me?”. Don’t find yourself making wrong moves contrary to what’s required. It might be detrimental to the future. It’s of course a crucial stage. The how part can be infused with this stage as they’re hand to glove. I mean you can’t read the what and barely fail to know how to use it; we shall attend to that another time as we know that IQ level is unique per individual. But I trust my readers😊!.

Know the whose of your surrounding, they’re important.

In summary, don’t talk police when you’re with citizens that are not law abiding, otherwise this might deprive you the opportunity to learn the culture moreover putting your snitch ass at risk. Ethical consideration! Do not talk what you’re supposed to talk with your father or make counterpart to your mother or sister. Disadvantages brother!

Don’t go all out in proving your excellence in a government entity, as it might be a threat to the fossil staff thus resulting in sabotaging your future paths, lols. Know when to be moderate, when to be A+. Be subordinate and read your situation just like crocodile does. Never give features of doubt; that is to say never ever swap those characters.  Tyler Perry plays Madea, Brown and Joe in one film and the characters are distinct- It’s a skill, not everyone can do that. Be like that man!

Read your situation. Eba le timing motho. Ska ya wrong places, under wrong impressions, with wrong motives for wrong reasons!

Pay Attention, Focus, suspense/delay (where there is a need) annnnd Action/Engage!

Am done!