The Sacred Voyage

Music is our everyday life. That quietness is music, it is peaceful music. This page is called The Sacred Voyage because of the content. The content in a form of melodies. We feature melodies which might sound weird to many, but appreciated by the minority whom find sense in. This is the music which one listen and appreciate life, its capable of sailing one’s emotions on a sacred spiritual journey. It’s, among other thing, meditative music. There are personal stories attached to every link of this different presenters. An in-depth analysis is required to interpret and find sense in this art of notes!

One other mechanism that will play part in your comprehension is neglecting the fact the featured individuals are not “DJ”; but they’re story tellers, they’re music presenter. They music you see the world in a different dimension. The vision goes through the ears and it’s clearer in the mind and it can drop tears when eyes are closed!

Sit-back, relax, introspect, step back from your own mind and allow the music to take control. Enjoy your Sacred Voyage!


Disclaimer: Lebronnyconcepts is not liable for any emotional wounds, as this music can get deeper than you allow it. However, you will never feel the same again, otherwise you’d have missed the gist of what your life is comprised of.